November 05, 2002

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Campaign Finance Reform Threatened in Courts  (2:20)
George W. Bush is not up for reelection this year, but the outcome of Tuesday’s balloting does determine how much he’ll accomplish in the next two years of his term. The governorships of 36 states are in play, as is control of both the House and the Senate. If Republicans can gain greater control of Congress, the White House will likely have the chance to make one or more Supreme Court nominations, cut taxes further, and widen the war on Iraq. Wednesday, a day after the polls close, a new set of campaign finance rules take effect. Supporters of the new rules – often referred to as “McCain-Feingold” – say the provision are designed to take some of the money out of politics. But the new rules are already threatened in the courts, and “McCain-Feingold” supporters say the major parties have already started cheating. Josh Chaffin reports from Washington.

Haitians Protest Unfair Treatment as Immigrants  (4:11)
As the campaign to change U.S. immigration laws heated up Tuesday, the US Coast Guard deported nineteen of the approximately 200 Haitians immigrants who tried to reach Florida on an overloaded freighter last week. This came after more than 800 demonstrators massed late Monday at the Miami headquarters of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service to protest the disparate treatment of Haitian and Cuban migrants. Haitian-American activists pressured the states gubernatorial candidates to talk about the unequal treatment of Haitians and Cubans, two of the largest immigrant groups in Miami. Meanwhile, the Service Employees International Union, active in the Haitian community, will continue daily protests of U.S. policy toward Haitian refugees and  participate in work stoppage expected to affect Broward and Miami-Dade nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and airports. Shannon Novak has more on the story from Miami.

Ethnic Violence Feared in Upcoming Gujarat Election  (3:50)
As Americans go to the polls, the Indian State of Gujarat is gearing up for a highly contentious election after a serious of riots broke but last spring leaving thousands dead. The single phase election will be held on December 12. Many are predicting the ruling right-wing Hindu dominated BJP party will be ruined. Binu Alex reports from Ahmedabad.

Aztec Tortilla Workers Strike for Union Recognition  (4:00)
Azteca Tortilla workers have been on strike in suburban Chicago since September 30, in an effort to force management to recognize their union, the United Electrical Workers, and to bargain in good faith. Chris Geovanis reports from Chicago.

Whales Hurt by Navy Sonar?  (3:52)
Environmentalists and the Navy are working out a compromise over the Navy’s use of Low Frequency Active, or LFA sonar. On Friday, in San Francisco, U.S. Magistrate Judge Elizabeth La Porte issued a preliminary injunction against a scheduled November 1st deployment of the system, which environmentalists say is killing and injuring marine mammals. But in her 58 page opinion, the judge agreed with the Navy that a ban on the system, even in peacetime, would affect military preparedness and she ordered the parties to return to court on November 7th. Still, environmentalists are calling the decision a victory. Kellia Ramares filed this report on what LFA sonar is and does.

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