Content Categories


Print articles

Brief articles on time sensitive news stories, written for online readers as opposed to audio audiences.
(These articles will take the place of FSRN headlines)

Photo Essays

At least eight curated photos on a given topic or theme with accompanying captions and short text. May be presented in slide show format or as multiple photos in a single post.

Audio Postcard

One to three-minute ambient-rich soundscapes, accompanied by a good quality photo and a short text from the reporter. Audio postcards would preferably have a newsy quality to them, but “day in the life” sounds from interesting places can also be compelling. Audio Postcards could also include descriptive “stand up” narration identifying the sound as it is recorded.

Q&A in audio (or text) format

Interviews about newsy topics and issues with experts, activists, stakeholders.  Q&As should be five to seven 5-7 minutes in length and accompanied by a transcript.  A transcript-only option is available for cases in which the interview was not conducted in English or if the audio isn’t broadcast quality.

2-Ways with Reporter

Staff conducted interview with a reporter who tape-syncs her/his side of the conversation and uploads for mixing, accompanied by a photo of either the event and/or of the reporter.

Everyday Profiles

FSRN seeks profiles of everyday people around the world.  Have you ever wanted to know more about the life and work of a respected member of your community, of a local street performer or a person who keeps a certain tradition alive? This is the place for their stories.  We aren’t looking for  powerful or influential subjects necessarily – we want to hear from interesting, everyday people doing interesting  things.

Audio Features

Audio segments accompanied by a clean, final script and a photo. Segments must include multiple viewpoints.

Full feature: Approximately 3:30-5:30 minute reporter package; includes a minimum of 3 different interviews/sound clips
Mini-feature: Between 1:30-2:59 minute reporter package; includes a minimum of 2 voices.

Street Beat

An issue-based vox-pop consisting of responses to a single question posed to multiple people on the street and/or quick interviews with multiple voices. Past examples:

Reporter’s Notebook

First person accounts  from reporters in the field. Can be personal reflections, behind-the-story glimpses, commentary, or details about  a reporter’s experience when an event occurs. Past examples: