July 17, 2002

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Retrial in Louima Torture Case  (4:16)
After six days of deliberation, a jury in the retrial of the Abner Louima torture case found former New York police officer Charles Schwarz guilty of perjury yesterday. Schwarz was convicted twice before in the assault of Abner Louima that occurred five years ago.  Prosecutors in the case say there will be a retrial but some activists and Louima supporters say this is a partial verdict in a battle against police brutality that’s far from won.  From New York Geoff Brady has this report.

Justice Department to Recruit One Million Civilian Spies  (2:47)
The Federal Emergency Management Agency is recruiting one million American civilians to alert the police if they see any suspected terrorist activity. The details have yet to be released, but civil liberties groups are alarmed. In Washington, Joshua Chaffin spoke with the Justice Department this afternoon about what it’s calling “operation T.I.P.S.”

US & Mexico to Begin Military Ties for First Time  (4:39)
President Bush yesterday released a ninety page document describing the potential threat of terrorist attacks from Al-Qaida and other extremist groups. Bush also announced his broad strategy for fighting these perceived threats, which among other things, includes greater emphasis on a new military command that will take effect on October 1st called North Command. As part of our July Special focus on Mexico, FSRN Host Deepa Fernandes reports that North Command will, for the first time ever, involve direct military relations between the US and Mexico.

Navy Exercises Killing Whales  (3:23)
Another Bush administration proposal to safeguard America against terrorist attacks, yesterday cleared the way for Navy use of a powerful low-frequency sonar to identify enemy submarines, a move environmentalists say will lead to increased strandings and deaths of whales. The Gulf of Maine is an important seasonal feeding area for endangered humpback whales, fin whales and right whales.  Fisheries that entangle right whales are required to use risk reduction measures and the National Marine Fisheries Service regularly issues alerts to shippers to warn of recent right whale sightings near shipping lanes.  Right whales have been spotted between April and October. This May, however, the US Navy conducted live bombing exercises near the whales’ critical habitat.  Emily Bernhard has this report.

Self-Immolation on the Rise in Afghanistan  (6:09)
There is a horrifying new phenomenon occurring in Afghanistan, where young women are burning themselves alive. As Fariba Nawa reports from Heart, the latest case of self-immolation occurred just last week.

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