February 18, 2000

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Clinton Pushes Colombia Military Aid

President Clinton pressures Congress to pass a military aid package for Colombia to stem the drug trade, but critics say it could embroil the U.S. into that country’s civil war. Chip Mitchell reports from Bogotá.

Mexican Authorities Accused of Mistreating Student Protesters

Human rights groups are accusing Mexican authorities of mistreating students arrested earlier this month for their involvement in a strike that shut down the National Autonomous University of Mexico for 9 months. 745 student and teachers were arrested in the crackdown, about 265 remain in jail facing charges from theft to terrorism. Last week, about 100,000 people marched in Mexico City, demonstrating for the release of the prisoners. Free Speech Radio News’ David Bacon has just returned from Mexico City…He tells host Judy Campbell that residents there are showing overwhelming support for the students strike.

Upset in Zimbabwe

By a slim margin, Zimbabwean voters handed a defeat to their president, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Voters turned down a sweeping constitutional revision giving President Robert Mugabe vast new powers. Patrick Bond reports from Johannesburg on the issues at stake.

Utah’s Anti-Gay Adoption Policies

The state of Utah’s Department of Child and Family Services issued a policy in November allowing state adoptions only to married couples. Advocacy groups filed suit, saying the rights of gays, lesbians and unmarried couples are being violated. Now, the battle has moved to the state legislature, which is considering bills to make the policy state law. Alan Naumann reports from Salt Lake City.

South Carolina: Dockworkers and the Republican Primary

South Carolina Republicans go to the polls tomorrow…and surprisingly, organized labor is one of the hot issues. Mimi Rosenberg reports on how the violent breakup of a dockworkers’ strike is influencing this year’s Presidential primary.

Nuclear Weapons Lab in Turmoil

More shakeups in the nation’s nuclear weapons labs: Asian employees say they’re the victims of a witch hunt; others say stepped up security measures are violating their privacy rights and personal dignity. And to make matters worse, one of Lawrence Livermore Lab’s leading scientists resigns, saying increased weapons production will bring Armageddon. Krissy Clark reports from San Francisco.

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