October 30, 2002

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20,000 Say Goodbye to Senator Paul Wellstone
Walter F. Mondale said today that he seeks to replace the late Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone on the ballot in Minnesota. Mondale wrote to the Democratic Party, submitting his name, and he will likely be nominated when the Democratic party  of Minnesota meets later tonight.  Mondale’s request comes the day after more than 20,000 people came to Williams Arena in Minneapolis last night to say good-bye to Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife Sheila, his daughter Marcia and three campaign workers who died in a plane crash last Friday. Among the crowd were political celebrities: former President Bill Clinton, former vice president Al Gore, Senator Edward Kennedy and Senator Tom Daschle – to name just a few. But what started out to as a memorial service for Senator Wellstone quickly morphed into a Democratic campaign rally. Pacifica affiliate KFAI’s Kristof Kien has this report.

Palestinian Olive Pickers Attacked
Israeli Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, along with other Labor Party minister today submitted their resignations from the Israeli Parliament, which will take effect within 48 hours. Their shock resignations came late today as they disputed Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s disproportionate funding for Israeli settlements in lieu of funding for social services. Meanwhile settlers have once again attacked Palestinian villagers on the West Bank, in order to prevent them harvesting their olives. Some prominent Israelis, including author Amos Oz, have been among volunteers joining Palestinian Olive Pickers who are being attacked by settlers. There has been an escalation in violence this year. Earlier this month a Palestinian farmer was killed while picking olives – and this week settlers also attacked volunteers working with the Palestinian villagers – robbing and injuring four volunteers, including Dublin man, Robbie Kelly. Irris Makler reports from the West Bank village of Yanun.

Feds Claim Global Relief Foundation is Terrorist
Yesterday, attorneys for the Global Relief Foundation argued in federal appeals court that the government should be barred from freezing the charity’s assets and shutting it down. Earlier this month, the Treasury Department invoked federal law and the Patriot Act in designating the U.S.-based charity a terrorist group. For almost a year, government officials have alleged that GRF supported terrorism, but have yet to criminally charge the charity or provide proof in open court. Civil liberties and constitutional rights advocates are closely monitoring the case. Chris Geovanis of Chicago Indymedia reports.

Haitian Refugees Arrive By Boat – To be Sent Back
A wooden boat carrying over 200 Haitian refugees arrived in Miami yesterday Afternoon. The event forces the nation to finally look at the Bush administration’s policy toward Haitian maritime arrivals. A policy that will most likely cause these refugees to be deported. Shannon Novak is in Miami.

US Expands Biowarfare Research
Even as the United States threatens to wage war against Iraq over that country’s alleged creation of weapons of mass destruction, the Department of Energy wants to add a high containment microbiology facility to Lawrence Livermore National Lab in the San Francisco Bay Area to experiment on biowarfare agents. The move is part of a national plan to build or upgrade as many as 14 BSL 3 or 4 labs, the types of labs that work with the world’s most dangerous organisms. Kellia Ramares filed this report from nearby Berkeley.

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