What’s new at FSRN

Last Fall, FSRN was forced to cease production of our daily newscast that aired on more than 100 public, community, and college radio stations around the United States. Since then, we’ve been working to re-position our finances and relaunch. Despite the program’s absence from the airwaves, a number of major donors came forward and many individual supporters continued to donate to FSRN. Here are just a few of the comments we received from donors in the waning days of 2013:

“FSRN [was] my #1 news source. Once I discovered FSRN I dropped NPR like the proverbial hot rock.”

“The world needs FSRN now more than ever.”

“I think FSRN has been invaluable for progressive global news.”

“Thank you, FSRN, for keeping up the fight! I’m here with you!”

“May FSRN return, stronger than ever!”

We are very grateful for that support. So as we continue to develop a sustainable financial plan, we are pleased to once again to bring you voices from Gaza, from India-administered Kashmir, from Mexico, from Colorado and Texas and California and New York, from Nigeria and the Philippines — from anywhere and everywhere people living in marginalized communities are affected by policies of the powerful.