Slideshow: Paris police demolish Koubri migrant refugee camp

French police demolished two ad hoc migrant refugee camps in the country Tuesday, one in the northern port town of Calais and the other in central Paris. Last week FSRN’s  Raphaël Krafft visited the Paris camp and talked with a number of residents there.  After issuing a 48-hour warning on Saturday that the camp known as Koubri, or the Bridge, would be dismantled — police descended in the early morning. French authorities cited the of epidemic as the reason for evicting the residents and destroying the camp. A Paris police spokesperson said they took all of the 380 migrants by bus to shelters in and around Paris. Raphaël Krafft went back to the camp this morning and captured these images of what transpired as the makeshift home to hundreds was destroyed.  Listen to his audio report here.


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