Slideshow: Pride on parade in Los Angeles, 45 years and counting

By the end of this month, hundreds of thousands of LGBT men, women, boys and girls will have been a part of Pride parades, from Israel to the Ukraine to the US.

The very first parade in the country and the world had humble beginnings, 45 years ago in Los Angeles. One of the organizers told Wehoville Magazine that the police chief at the time told him, “As far as I’m concerned, granting a permit to a group of homosexuals to parade down Hollywood Boulevard would be the same as giving a permit to a group of thieves and robbers.”

Forty-five years later that same organizer, Rev. Troy Perry,  was honored as the co-grand marshal of the LA Pride and rode on a float in West Hollywood yesterday alongside marchers from churches, civic groups and corporations. Federal, state and local government officials also participated, including  Mayor Eric Garcetti. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, who was also present, told FSRN, “I believe policing and society has changed in its views of the LGBT community and we absolutely view them as a strong and vital part of Los Angeles.”
Other signs of times were reflected in the two other people with whom Rev. Perry shared the float. One was his husband, Phillip De Blieck. The other was co-grand marshal, transgender activist named Zoey. At 13. she is the youngest grand marshal in the history of the parade.

Click on any image to launch slideshow. All photos by Lena Nozizwe.

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