January 29, 2002

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Bush Won’t Give Up Enron Documents
Bush Administration told newspapers the President won’t touch the Enron issue in his first state of the union speech tonight. Instead he’ll make a plea for corporate responsibility. But questions remain regarding the White House’s relationship with the bankrupt energy trading company and the US General Accounting Office is threatening to sue the administration tomorrow to force the release of documents concerning meetings the administration held with energy market players. Joshua Chaffin reports from Washington.

The Progressive Caucus and the State of the Union
Gareth Schweitzer reports from Washington on the House Progressive Caucus alternative State of the Union address.

EU Sanctions on Zimbabwe
The European Union yesterday threatened the government of Zimbabwe with sanctions if it fails to meet a series of demands aimed at ensuring fair elections in March. From Copenhagen, Patrick Beckett has more.

More Protests in Argentina
Argentina’s newest president President Eduardo Duhalde announced today Argentine cabinet a trio of high ranking cabinet members will travel to Washington on Tuesday to meet with Secretary of State Colin Powell. Duhalde is trying to mend fences with the White House and the International Monetary Fund. Meantime, protests opposing IMF policies continue on the streets of Buenos Aires.  Duhalde faces daily protests from the unemployed poor demanding jobs and from middle class Argentines angry over a bank deposit freeze. In the latest demonstrations, unemployed groups blocked several highways near Buenos Aires, and the northern city of Resistencia was virtually cut off by road pickets. Reporters Luz Ruiz and Tim Russo file this report from Buenos Aires.

Vieques after September 11th
The USS John F. Kennedy battle group was scheduled to train in Vieques, Puerto Rico this week. The Navy had petitioned to use live fire on the controversial range, instead of the now standard inert ordnance. Citing lack of time before deployment to the Afghanistan region, the Navy reports live fire training is taking place in Florida and North Carolina instead. Today Free Speech Radio News completes our three part series about Vieques. Here is correspondent Shannon Novak with, Vieques After September 11.

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