January 28, 2002

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No Medical Care for Prisoners Held in Afghanistan (4:45)
Afghan Premier Hamid Karzai is in Washington meeting with President Bush today and a group called Physicians for Human Rights is urging the US government not to forget about the combatants still imprisoned in Afghanistan. The doctors have just returned from a tour of the Shibargan prison in the North of that country, where they say conditions are deplorable, and many have died for lack of adequate sanitation and medical care. Joshua Chaffin reports from Washington.

Somali Guards Dismissed by Burns Security (2:33)
Last week, Somali security guards employed by Burns International Security Services, accused the company of discrimination and harassment. The security guards, assisted by the Service Employees International Union, Local 26, charged the company with mistreatment based on their race and belief in Islam. James Quan reports from Minneapolis.

Protests of WEF Planned for NYC (4:10)
This week, the World Economic Forum will hold its annual meeting in New York, from January 31st to Feb 4th. At the meeting, 1,000 of the world’s top business leaders, and hundreds of political and media leaders will come together to shape the global agenda. This year the WEF says their meeting will focus on finding ways to “reverse the global economic downturn, eradicate poverty, promote security and enhance cultural understanding.” Those who oppose the global financial spread say this means rescuing failing corporate giants and clamping down on dissent. Many say that the WEF has chosen to meet in New York because the city’s recent trauma has made it a difficult climate to protest in. Last year when the WEF met in Davos, Switzerland, thousands came from across Europe to show their opposition to the meeting of corporate chiefs, but protesters are planning to turn out in New York as well, as JoAnne Powers reports.

Vieques: Bombs and Cancer (7:13)
U.S. Navy bombing practice was scheduled to resume today in Vieques, Puerto Rico. The Navy had petitioned to resume practices using live fire, instead of the now standard inert ordnance on the controversial range. Citing lack of time before deploying the USS John F. Kennedy battle group live fire practices are taking place in Florida and North Carolina instead. Free Speech Radio News continues with our three part in-depth series on Vieques. Here is correspondent Shannon Novak with, Vieques: Bombs and Cancer.

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