April 29, 2002

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“Freedom Summer for Palestine”
Activists are inviting thousands of people from the all over the world to participate as international peace observers in the Occupied Territories, calling it Freedom Summer. International Peace Observers, like Adam Shapiro who just returned from Ramallah, say the observers perform vital services like deliver food and escort wounded Palestinians to hospitals in a time when international governmental agencies are not. However, a number of peace observers have been turned away at the border and deported from the country by Israeli officials who say they cannot guarantee the safety of the peace activists in a time of military aggression. Despite, the prospect of being denied entry into the Occupied Territories activists are still preparing for Freedom Summer—Kata Mester has more from Washington:

NRA Meets in Reno
As another school shooting, this time in Germany, left at least 18 dead last Friday, in this country, the National Rifle Association held its 131st national conference in Reno Nevada this past weekend. It is estimated that 35,000 people attended the conference which featured Charleston Heston, Ted Nugent, and Democratic u.s. senator Zell Miller from Georgia who gave the keynote address at the NRA banquet. The NRA reviewed its policy agenda which included airline pilots carrying guns while flying and to have state governments to pass ordinances ensuring that gun manufacturers are not held liable for the misuse of their product. Executive Vice President of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, said that only non-citizens should be identified and stopped at airports and not American citizens. LaPierre also claimed the NRA was not just fighting to preserve the 2nd amendment of the Constitution but for the entire Constitution. Mitch Jeserich reports from Reno.

10 Years After Rodney King
A decade after riots rocked Los Angeles, the city’s people and politicians take stock of the nation’s largest civil disturbance. And, while most do not want a repeat of history, a recent survey found that half the people polled believe LA is primed for another riot in the next five years. The news comes as community leaders say the city’s increasingly diverse racial make-up could spawn new conflicts. Ngoc Nguyen reports from Los Angeles

Imams Speaks Out for Patriotism and More Politics
Across the river from Washington today, a national conference of local Muslim leaders came to a close. Muslim Imams say they’re sick of being on the defensive since September 11th, having to assure the American people that Muslims are not “terrorists”. The imams say it’s time for Muslims to come out of the mosques and become part of the American political process. Joshua Chaffin reports from Arlington, Virginia:

Lockheed Martin Workers Settle For Less
Close to 10,000 Lockheed Martin machinists have voted to end their nearly two month long strike against the giant defense contractor. But as Dave Lippman reports, the machinists are returning to work only after they’ve made significant concessions.

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