September 09, 2002

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An Eye for an Eye Between FBI and Congress (3:22)
In response to the congressional investigation of the FBI, the FBI is now investigating Congress. Critics say this unusual situation shows the Bush Administration’s contempt for congressional oversight. Josh Chaffin reports on the changing relationship between two branches of American government since 9-11.

9-11 Commemoration Begins in New York (4:05)
New Yorkers have started to commemorate 9/11 with artistic tributes, ceremonies and processions throughout the city. While many events over the week-end were tainted with nationalism or bore a religious character, hundreds gathered yesterday to march for global peace and justice. Free Speech Radio News’ Nadja Middleton was at the march.

India Fights “Terrorism”- Fair Trial for Geelani?   (4:07)
The attack on the Indian Parliament on December 13 last year was labeled by the fundamentalist Hindu government as an act of terrorism. Many Muslims were interrogated, detained and arrested in India. And in the last month, a trial court in Delhi began hearing the case of one of those picked up, Syed Abdul Rehamn Geelani, an Asst. Professor in Delhi University. Geelani is one of the prime defendants in the case and has been detained in the jail since the next day of the attack. Geelani is charged under the new terrorism law called the Prevention of Terrorism Act or POTA. Being the first major trial under this infamous Act, many human rights activists feel Geelani won’t get a fair trial. From Delhi, Vinod Jose has this report.

Human Rights Abusers on Trial in East Timor  (4:00)
Three years on from East Timor’s independence referendum, moves are underway to bring the perpetrators of crimes against the Timorese people to justice. The process of bringing Indonesian military powerbrokers to trial is seen as a vital step for East Timor with most of the people jailed so far being Timorese themselves. But not so long ago the Timorese government said they did not support the separatist movements in West Papua and Aceh, other Indonesian provinces with growing independence movements. The East Timorese government has also been criticized for signing an Article 98 agreement with the United States promising to not bring U.S citizens before the International Criminal Court. Michael Bushell with this report.

Georgia Court Debates Creation vs. Evolution in Schools (4:51)
This past summer in Cobb County, Georgia the school district began requiring its schools to attach disclaimers on all science textbooks saying that evolution is a theory not a fact. Then in late August the school district adopted a new policy requiring teachers to include both evolution and creation theories in science curriculum. The ACLU filed a lawsuit in response demanding the district remove the disclaimer and reverse the policy of teaching creation. And as the Cobb County Board of Education prepares to vote on evolution versus creation, Jack Hickey delves into the debate.

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