September 10, 2002

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Iraq Seeks Allies- Bush Drums Up Support (3:43)
Congress today restarted hearings into the issue of whether to widen the US war in Iraq. The White House says it doesn’t need congressional approval to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.  But President Bush sent members of his cabinet to Capitol Hill today to drum up support for a wider war.  Iraq says it has no weapons of mass destruction program, and that the White House is spreading lies.  In case of a U-S attack, Iraq is calling on the greater Arab world to take up arms.  Joshua Chaffin reports from Capitol Hill.

Florida Voters Decide Gay Rights (3:10)
Today in Miami-Dade County, voters will decide whether to scrap a law that protects Gays and Lesbians from discrimination. Though long considered a sanctuary for gays and lesbians, this initiative goes over the same territory that divided the South Florida community some 25 years ago.  From community radio station WMNF in Tampa,  Mitch Perry reports.

Connecticut Politician Against War on Terrorism  (4:00)
It’s a cliché to think globally and act locally, but one disillusioned Democrat in New Haven, Connecticut, has found a specific way to apply that concept. Reporter Melinda Tuhus has the story.

SOA Activists Off To Jail (3:43)
23 human rights activists went to federal prison today for participating in civil disobedience at the School of the Americas in Columbus, Georgia last November. Jack Hickey reports from Knoxville, Tennessee where he joined one of the convicted on his way to serve his time in jail.

Israeli Leader Meets Protestors in Montreal (3:41)
Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was greeted by protestors at a Concordia University building in Montreal last night which forced him to cancel his speech. This as a visit to two Colorado schools by prominent Palestinian political leader Dr Hanan Ashrawi is provoking intense criticism by the state’s governor, Republican state leaders university regents and a slew of news editorials. Dr Ashrawi comes this week between the anniversary of September 11 and the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur.  Janaki Lefils of KGNU in Boulder files this report.

911 Remembered (3:06)
A commentary by Mumia Abu Jamal.

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