September 2, 2002 documentary: Welfare Under Attack

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Welfare Under Attack

In the United States, Welfare has been under attack for the past decade, culminating in the 1996 regressive TANF legislation that essentially put families on strict 5 year life time limits, ended education programs, and mandated many to work for below minimum wage to “earn” their welfare checks.  Around the world welfare states have also been attacked by conservative governments, while in poor countries, already devastated social nets have worsened due to global financial institutions, like the IMF, imposing policies that force governments to cut social spending.

Travel with us as we delve into the issues of welfare.

Tearing down low income housing in Florida,

Fighting for survival in Argentina,

Frozen tax monies in Palestine,

Privatizing health care in Canada?

Helping women get to work in New Mexico,

Education for people on welfare in New York?

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