October 09, 2002

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Congressional Debate Continues  (3:11)
Congressional debate on the issue of Iraq continues at this hour. Both the House and Senate are poised to pass a resolution giving the President the power to use force as he deems necessary.  Some in Congress question the White House’s motives in Iraq, but Republicans and most Democrats support the measure. Outside the U.S. Capitol building, protesters from around the country are making a last minute plea for lawmakers to represent the peoples’ will. Josh Chaffin reports from Capitol Hill.

Bush Visits Knoxville, TN  (4:23)
President Bush went to Knoxville yesterday, returning for a circuit of the south, where Republicans have for thirty years quenched their thirst for power and money.  As protests with a distinctly southern flavor begin to percolate, outbursts from Nashville to Asheville, from Birmingham to Atlanta, all in the past week, Jack Hickey finds perspectives in Knoxville that are wildly divergent from the president’s.

US Radio Propaganda in Iraq  (1:49)
US warplanes bombed northern Iraq today, firing on what the US military said were missile launchers. Officials say the very presence of the supposed missile launchers in the northern no-fly zone is a threat to coalition aircraft. US and British planes have conducted weekly air strikes this year. As FSRN correspondent Jeremy Scahill reports on his way into Baghdad, the US is also pumping radio broadcasts into Iraq via Radio Sawa, the Middle East version of Radio Marti.

Longshoremen Lockout Ends  (4:07)
A ten-day lockout at ports along the West Coast ended yesterday when President Bush ordered dockworkers back to the job. It’s the latest move by the White House to intervene on behalf of West Coast shippers and terminal operators – and one that the International Longshore and Warehouse Union says is designed to break the union completely. John Hamilton has the story.

Palestinians Debate Violent Vs. Non-Violent Tactics  (4:30)
Israeli troops today shot dead two Palestinian youths and wounded at least 10 other people in a refugee camp in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. This after Secretary of State Colin Powell yesterday told reporters that Israel needs to “examine their actions with great care.” And in Ramallah, three Israeli border police have confessed to stealing expensive electronic equipment from Arafat’s compound, acts which Palestinians say occur regularly when the IDF enter their houses. And as Awad Duaibes reports, as these types of Israeli aggressions continue in Palestinian lands, Palestinians are engaging in various methods of resistance, with a growing movement favoring acts of civil disobedience.

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