October 10, 2002

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Congress Authorizes Force Against Iraq  (3:46)
Iraq today again invited the United States to inspect sites the White House says are used to house weapons of mass destruction. The White House says inspections should only proceed after the UN passes a new resolution with tough conditions on the Iraqis. Iraq accuses the US of seeking a pretext for war, and threatens to teach the US an “unforgettable lesson” if the US pursues its stated goal of “regime change” in Iraq.  Meanwhile in Washington, The House of Representatives voted to authorize the President to use force against Iraq. The Senate is expected to follow suit.  Josh Chaffin reports from Capitol Hill.

Argentina Demonstrates Against US Agression  (3:25)
Argentinians took to the streets again this week, this time to protest the threat of a US war on Iraq. The demonstration was organized by the Federation of University Students from Buenos Aires together with Organizations of Unemployed Workers, Popular Assemblies and Left Parties. Pablo Moreno explains why so many Argentinians oppose the possible US military action against Iraq.

Longshoremen Back to Work  (3:39)
Last night Longshoremen returned to work at the West Coast ports after President Bush enacted the rarely used Taft Hartly act. The Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) requested 431 workers, but the International Longshore and Warehouse union produced only 180 workers. This morning labor activists chained themselves in front of the PMA offices and hung signs that said it was the PMA who locked the workers out. Mitch Jeserich reports from the Oakland port.

Peacekeepers or Sex Traffickers?  (5:15)
Evidence has been mounting for some time that international peacekeepers deployed in crisis zones become involved with local mafia dealing in sex slavery and trafficking in women, many of them under age. Sexual trafficking has assumed frightening proportions in the Balkans, which is both a transit and destination point for trafficked women, the majority from poor east European countries. The allegations of international involvement in sexual trafficking have now triggered calls for stricter controls for peacekeepers deployed in conflict zones. Sputnik Kilambi reports.

Sri Lankan Mothers Seek Missing Children  (4:02)
In a country torn up by a bloody 19 year old war, a group of Sri Lankan women, mothers of missing soldiers, traveled into former bitter enemy territory, determined to keep the fragile ceasefire. Janaki le fils spoke with some of these women.

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