May 01, 2003

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Enron Indictments
The U.S. Justice Department today announced new charges against former Enron Chief Financial Officer Andrew Fastow, also accusing his wife and seven other ex-Enron officials of fraud and other criminal violations linked to the company’s collapse. These indictments come seventeen months after Enron shocked the nation with its sudden implosion. But, after countless hearings and investigations and lawsuits, the question remains: will anyone go to jail for anything related to Enron’s failure? Pokey Anderson, reports on new indictments, unsealed and handed down in Houston today.

Vieques Libre!
At midnight the Puerto Rican Island of Vieques became free! After 65 years of occupation by the US Navy, using the island for weapons tests, naval trainings and bombing practice, even renting Vieques to other countries to conduct their military maneuvers, the people of tiny island celebrated their freedom with fireworks, and dancing. 72% of people in Vieques live below poverty level, and the population suffers disproportionately from cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other illnesses. WBAI’s Rosa Clemente was at the bombing range at midnight.

13 Palestinians Killed One Day After “Road Map” Plan
Hours after the so-called “Roadmap to Peace” was delivered to both Israeli and Palestinian officials, at least 13 Palestinians were killed, including two young children, when Israeli troops backed by helicopter gunships and dozens of tanks, rolled into a neighborhood in Gaza City during a fifteen hour incursion.  Following the attack, the first meeting of the new Palestinians Cabinet in Ramallah denounced the Israeli incursion saying it derailed efforts for Peace in the region. Awad Duaibes reports from Ramallah.

May Day Commemorated Worldwide
The traditional labor holiday of Mayday is being celebrated the world over, today. Mayday became International Workers Day in response to an event that occurred in the United States, but today the holiday’s celebrated much more outside the US. Josh Chaffin has this look at some of today’s demonstrations around the globe.

NY Farm Workers March to Albany
Yesterday, dozens of  farm workers, and hundreds of their supporters marched into Albany, the capital of New York state to demand greater legal rights for the state’s approximately 47,000 farm workers. A  march originating in Seneca falls had  traversed some 180 miles in 11 days through western and central New York to arrive in Albany’s capital plaza. Kurt Knuth reports.

Healthcare Cuts Hit People of Color
As congress returns to debate President Bush’s plan to cut taxes for the wealthy the stage is set for a bitter and divisive debate over health care. State governments, confronting some 80 billion dollars in revenue shortfalls, are being forced to cut back spending on health care programs whose beneficiaries are impoverished seniors and low-income families. Cuts that have hit especially hard in Black and immigrant communities. Only 53% of African-American workers hold jobs with medical benefits as opposed to 72% of whites. Only 42% of Latinos and 43% of Native Americans held such jobs. At an event sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus and endorsed by the Hispanic, Native, and Pacific Islander Caucuses held on Tuesday over a dozen members of both the House and Senate were joined by Union leaders, and health care activists from across the country as they denounced the Bush administration and called for Universal Health Care. From Washington Tom Gomez files this report.


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