July 24, 2003

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Report Points to US Intelligence Failings on 9-11
While the US Military today is circulating images of the alleged bodies of Uday and Qusay Hussein as proof of their killings two days ago, 3 US more soldiers die. These 3 soldiers were from the 101st airborne division which staged the attack on the Mosul villa. This brings the number of US dead to 44 since President Bush announced and end to combat in Iraq on May 1. Meanwhile in the nations capital it has been a bad day for intelligence. The Pentagon admitted they underestimated the danger to US troops occupying Iraq. The White House continued to dodge questions on its prewar claims of an Iraqi threat to global security, and as Josh Chaffin reports from DC, the joint congressional report on 9-11 intelligence criticized the FBI and the CIA.

California Governor Faces Recall
It is the first time in California History and only the second time in the nation’s that a sitting Governor could be removed from Office before the end of the term. Democratic Governor of California, Grey Davis now faces a recall election on October 7; 77 days from now. Though Davis has the lowest approval rating in the state’s history, a feeling shared by both liberals and conservatives. This while the country waits to see if actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is considering a run as a Republican. It appears the GOP is readying several candidates. It is also likely the Green Party will run a candidate. While recall opponents call it a right wing coup, progressives are finding themselves in a familiar bind as to whether to support the Democratic Governor they don’t like or vote for a 3rd party candidate which could help the Republicans win.

Nigeria to Send Forces to Liberia
One day after Liberian president Charles Taylor announced his resignation date effective in ten days time, the Economic Community of West African States, or ECOWAS officials met in the capital of Sierra Leone today to finalize details of troop deployment from Nigeria to Liberia. This follows a two day meeting in Dakar Senegal during which the security wing of ECOWAS agreed to deploy troops to Liberia. Nigeria, one of the first countries directed to send troops is looking for international support to pay for the deployment. Nigeria has already spent 8 billion dollars sending troops to Liberia and Sierra Leone during 1990-1998. The Executive Secretary of ECOWAS, today announced that the United States will contribute 10 million dollars. Ndiaga Seck has more from the ECOWAS meeting in Dakar.

Environmental Superfund Controversy
Democratic Senator Patty Murray has angrily denounced an Environmental Protection Agency decision not to fund clean up of heavy metals in her home state of Washington next year. The plan is part of a controversial proposed examination of the EPA’s worst Superfund Site. That is a century’s worth of mine tailings from the Bunker Hill mine upstream in the Idaho Panhandle. Leigh Robartes reports o the regional controversy, as well as emerging data about heavy metal toxicity nationwide.

Pacifica Bylaws Voted Down
The struggle at the Pacifica network to adopt new by-laws that would allow Pacifica listeners and staff to elect new governing boards suffered a setback this week as three of the 5 Pacifica station local boards rejected the final by-laws draft. Evan Davis reports.

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