February 25, 2004

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Israeli Barrier Argument Ends at the Hague
Arab and Muslim nations urged the International Court of Justice today to deliver a decisive verdict against Israel’s separation barrier in the West Bank. Geraldine Coughlan reports from The Hague.

GMOs Contaminate Seeds
The Union of Concerned Scientists released a study finding genetically engineered DNA is contaminating traditional seeds of three major U.S. crops. Walter Tanner reports.

Gitmo Detainees Charged
Two Guantanamo Bay detainees have been formally charged with conspiring to commit war crimes.  From Washington, DC, Selina Musuta reports.

Slavery in the U.S.
According to the Center for the Advancement of Human Rights – slavery is alive and well in the United States. Andrew Stelzer reports from Tampa.

Venezuela Referendum Update
Late last night, Venezuela’s national electoral council made a long-overdue decision regarding how it will deal with 1.2 million disputed signatures in favor of a recall referendum against President Chavez.

Today’s Features

Congressional Gift to Gun Industry  (4:04)
Today a bill in Congress cleared a major hurdle that would shield the gun industry from civil lawsuits over the use of its product in criminal activity.  With the support of both Democrats and Republicans, the Senate broke a filibuster attempt on the bill.  The Senate will continue debate over final passage of the bill that will likely be voted on tomorrow.  As Mitch Jeserich reports, gun control advocates call the measure a gift to the gun industry that profits off the illegal purchasing of weapons.

Congressional Black Caucus on Haiti  (2:00)
As the Haitian government lingers on the brink of regime change at the hands of opposition forces, the Congressional Black Caucus called on the US to create a humanitarian zone and reinforce the democratically elected government. Jenny Johnson has more from our DC Bureau.

Colorado University Rape Culture  (4:02)
Controversy continues to rage at the University of Colorado in Boulder, as students and women’s groups react angrily to CU’s handling of recent events. While the University recently appointed a panel to investigate allegations of sexual assault by some members of the football team, many say the University has not adequately addressed the issues. Maeve Conran reports.

IBM Cancer Trial Verdict Due  (2:22)
In California, a landmark cancer trial is about to be decided. Two workers in San Jose are the first of hundreds that will sue tech giant IBM over chemical exposures they suffered in its manufacturing facilities. Brian Edwards-Tiekert reports.

British Terrorism Laws Under Scrutiny  (3:56)
Today British Parliament debated the controversial Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act which was brought in by Tony Blair’s government alongside the Bush Administration’s implementation of the Patriot Act after the events of 9/11. The Act was recently reviewed by the Privy Council Review Committee and those results will be debated today by the British Parliament. FSRN’S Naomi Fowler reports.

Funds Frozen for Cuban 5 Advertisement  (2:11)
The Office of Foreign Assets Control, the agency that enforces all US sanctions programs, froze US bank funds designated for a New York Times ad about the Cuban Five. The Cuban Five are five Cuban nationals who were arrested, tried and convicted in 2001 by the United States government while trying to stop Miami-based terrorist groups from carrying out violent actions against the people of Cuba. FSRN’s Gail Walker has more.


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