March 05, 2004

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Iraqi Constitutional Signing Collapsed
The Iraqi constitutional signing ceremony collapsed today when 5 Shi’ite members of the US-appointed Iraqi Governing Council walked out over the issue of Kurdish autonomy. Aaron Glantz reports from Arbil, Iraq.

Venezuela Quiet After Week of Violence
As many as seven people are dead in Venezuela after a week of violent clashes between opposition demonstrators and National Guard troops ended today. Greg Wilpert reports from Caracas.

Mexico’s Fox to Bush’s Ranch
Mexico’s President arrived at President Bush’s Crawford ranch today for a two-day summit expected to focus on border security, deportation, and water issues. Renee Feltz has more from KPFT.

Wisconsin Moves to Ban Same Gendered Marriage
The Wisconsin legislature is moving forward on banning same gendered marriage. Steve Zelaznik reports from WORT.

US Army Burning Chemical Weapons
PCB levels are too high in the burning of one of the world’s largest stockpiles of chemical weapons in Anniston, Alabama. The tests were performed by Environmental Protection Agency officials and results released yesterday. Craig Williams, Director of the Chemical Weapons Working Group charges the levels are dangerously high for the small, rural community. 75-thousand people live in Anniston. An Army representative says the EPA’s permit requirements to destroy 99 point 9999 percent of the lethal chemicals in the incinerator is mathematically impossible.


Job Outsourcing Protest
Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics released new employment figures suggesting that the increase of jobs has slowed and is not keeping up with a growing labor market. Union’s and Democratic lawmakers rallied on Capitol Hill to denounce the outsourcing of jobs and tax breaks those corporations receive. Mitch Jeserich was there and he files this report.

Biowarfare and Biodefense part 2
Working on the premise that biological weapons pose a genuine threat to the health of military personnel, a committee convened by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council has written a report called “Giving Full Measure to Countermeasures.” The report, requested by the Department of Defense, recommends that the DoD establish a Medical Biodefense Agency. In the second part of her series on Biowarfare and Biodefense, Kellia Ramares asks if such an agency would sacrifice medical ethics at the altar of medical countermeasures.

Immokalee Workers Protest
It’s been three years since farm-workers in Southern Florida began a boycott against the fast food giant Taco Bell. After last year’s ten day hunger strike in front of the corporation’s headquarters failed to produce negotiations with the company, the workers decided to take a different approach. They have crossed the country on buses and marched from Los Angeles to Irvine to communicate their message directly to the people in the streets. From outside of Irvine, Shannon Young files this report.

Permanent Injunction on ‘Partial Birth Abortion’ Sought
Last November President Bush signed the first ever Federal ban on abortion procedures, called The “Partial Birth Abortion” Act. Pro-choice organizations quickly sought and won a restraining order to prevent the ban’s enforcement, and are asking the court to issue a permanent injunction. A federal court in San Francisco heard testimony today. FSRN correspondent Sarah Turner heard from advocates on both sides.

Central and West African Birth Registration
The first conference on birth registration in Central and west
Africa was held in Senegal’s Capital, Dakar last month. The UN says that at present 70% of children on the African continent don’t have their names, nationality or identity recorded. In Senegal, where the conference, organized by human rights groups, including UNICEF, was held, only 50% of all births are registered. Many believe that this has led to low schooling rates, and youth employment – both of which affect the economy. In Senegal, Ndiaga Seck has more.

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