September 10, 2004

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Hurricane Ivan Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Hurricane Ivan is bearing down on the island nation of Jamaica in the southern Caribbean. Some rains and winds have touched the island but the full force is expected overnight. Half a million people have been asked to evacuate lower lying areas because the center of the storm is expected to pass over the crowded capitol of Kingston and roads on the eastern side of the island are expected to be flooded over.  Since yesterday, the storm has been down graded to a category 4 storm with 140 mile an hour winds.  Yesterday the hurricane devastated Grenada.  The country is without fresh water service, electricity and has spotty cell phone coverage.  The Caribbean Broadcasting Company, based in Barbados is now broadcasting there to provide information after Grenada’s radio station went down. The CBC is accepting and broadcasting emails and phone messages from people trying to reach friends and relatives.  SOUND. Residents in the Florida Keys also have been ordered to evacuate as the expected path of the hurricane takes it to the U.S. coast by Sunday after crossing over Cuba.  On its current path, Hurricane Ivan is predicted to hit somewhere on the coast of Florida by late Monday or early Tuesday. It would be the state’s third hurricane hit within four weeks.

Cuba Preps for Ivan
Now in Havana, Joseph Mutti reports on the preparations in Cuba.

Chinese Government Roundups 36-thousand
The Chinese government has rounded up tens of thousands of people who have filed various complaints with the government prior to an important meeting of the Communist Party set to open in the next few days.  Séverine Bardon reports from Beijing.

Wal-Mart to Overshadow Historical Site
Wal-Mart has plans to build a super center next to one of Mexico’s most important archeological sites. Vladimir Flores has the story.


Remembering 9-11 3:21
Commemorations around the country began today to mark the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Striking at the most recognizable symbols of American economic and military power, the Bush Administration declared a “war on terror” along with the imperative that countries be either with the US or against it in the fight. On this, the eve of the third anniversary of the attacks, we begin our coverage with Jenny Johnson in DC.

Health Effects of 9-11;Report from NYC 3:54
Tomorrow will be a day of remembrance for those who died on Sept 11 2001 across the world, and especially here in NY City. Memorial bells will toll and a reading of the names of the victims will be held at the WTC site as New Yorkers remember the devastation wrought on their city 3 years ago. Yet survivors, first responders, residents and workers in the area are still suffering health affects from the destruction. And as FSRN’s Leigh Ann Caldwell reports, a Congressional hearing this week and the release of several reports, have criticized the government’s handling of the health risks post 9-11.

Beslan: Russia’s 9-11? 4:13
Meanwhile, the recent tragedy in Beslan is increasingly being called a Russia’s 9/11. However, despite similarity in terrorist tactics of killing civilians, many say that hostage-taking incident in Russia has nothing to do with the international Islamic cause. Anastasia Gnezditskaia has the story.

Powell Says Genocide in Sudan 4:42
Today the Khartoum government of Sudan accused President Bush and Secretary of State Collin Powell of playing electoral politics to win African American votes after Powell called the crisis in the Darfur region “genocide”.  Today a British minister also said atrocities in Western Sudan “may well be genocide” as Britain announced its support for a US proposed resolution at the UN.  While some countries on the Security Council oppose the resolution, some humanitarian groups say it doesn’t go far enough in stopping the atrocities.  Mitch Jeserich has more from Washington DC.

Preparing for Nov 2: Seattle Get Out the Vote Campaign 3:56
Washington State’s largest citizen watchdog organization, is registering 2,000 voters a week.  Following the successful lead of Missouri Pro-Vote who’ve registered 60,000 voters in St. Louis, concentrating on the African-American community; Washington Citizen Action is registering low income and people of color voters in Seattle — at bus stops, social service agencies and citizenship ceremonies. Martha Baskin has our story.


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