November 29, 2004

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US Supreme Court Silent on Gay Marriage
The U.S. Supreme Court declined to review the Massachusetts state law allowing same sex marriage without comment.  The Massachusetts Supreme Court voted by a narrow margin to mandate such marriages late last year.  Since May of this year, more than 3-thousand gay and lesbian couples have married in Massachusetts. At that time, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to interfere with the issuance of marriage licenses.  Next year, Massachusetts’s voters may have the opportunity to decide whether the state will offer civil unions instead of marriage to same sex couples.

More Objections to OH Vote
In Ohio, more people are organizing objections to the U.S. presidential elections. Evan Davis has more from Columbus.

Ukrainian Protests Over Elections
Mass demonstrations in the Ukrainian capitol of Kiev continued today where the fairness of the Presidential elections last week is still in question.  Today, the outgoing president pleaded for a new poll in front of the nation’s Supreme Court — set to decide the election in a few weeks.  U.S. and European election observers declared the results fraudulent.  David Kotz, Professor at the University of Massachusetts, specializing in the economics of the former Soviet Union, said that the U.S. role in the Ukrainian elections is hypocritical at best.  (ACTUALITY :21)  U.S. officials have supported pro-Western candidate Victor Yushenko who lost by the official count.  Current Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, heavily supported by the Russian leadership, was declared the winner last week.  Professor Kotz said there was election fraud on both sides.

Tamil Tigers Reach the Limit
Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers leaders say they have reached the limit with government officials over the stalled peace process.  Ponniah Manikavasagam reports from Vavuniya.

Activists Say Stop Spending Taxes on War
Peace activists gathered in front of a federal building in Chicago protesting the use of U.S. tax dollars to fund ongoing war and violence around the globe. Johnny Hap of WZRD reports.


AL Recount on Segregationist Amendment
Alabama officials are engaged in a mandatory recount of the vote for an amendment that seeks to eliminate language from the state constitution mandating schools for “whites and colored children.”  On November 2nd the amendment was defeated but the vote was so close that an automatic recount was required.  Some analysts say the likely defeat would occur because another provision of the amendment would do away with the guarantee for a right to a public education – leading opponents of the measure to characterize it is as a guarantee to raise taxes.


More Violence in Iraq  (3:46)
The NY based Center for Constitutional Rights will tomorrow file war crimes charges against Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, former Central Intelligence Agency chief George Tenet and eight other officials stemming from the Abu Ghraib torture. The case will be filed in Germany at the Federal Prosecutors Office. Meanwhile Rumsfeld today rejected calls from some members of Congress to increase the numbers of troops stationed in Iraq. And as FSRN correspondents Dahr Jamail and Salam Talib report, while the US is claiming the ends of its actions in Fallujah justify the destroyed city, violence continues throughout the country.

Supreme Court Hears Medical Marijuana Case  (4:01)
Today the Supreme Court heard oral arguments as to whether the federal government may prosecute and raid the homes of people who use medical marijuana in the 10 states that allow such usage. Mitch Jeserich reports.

Immigrants Workers in Court Today  (3:48)
Today more than a dozen immigrant workers arrested on misdemeanor loitering charges are in court in Northern Virginia. And as Darby Hickey reports, their case is at the center of a growing national movement against police harassment and the arrests of immigrant day laborers.

140th Anniversary of Sand Creek Massacre  (2:12)
Today is the 140th anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre, which saw more than150 Native American Dheyenne and Arapahoe slaughtered by federal troops at Sand Creek Colorado. Under the command of Col. John Chivington, the troops attacked a peaceful encampment of mostly elders, women and children. The descendants of those killed at Sand Creek held a memorial service at the weekend in Colorado. Maeve Conran reports.

Mariachi’s 24 Hour Protest in LA  (3:47)
As so-called renovation projects throughout Los Angeles are moving in higher income residents, long-term residents and their crucial cultural landmarks are being ignored. Musicians in and around Mariachi Plaza say they have been subjected to a campaign of intimidation and abuse for the past several months, and are holding 24-hour performances to bring attention to their plight. Aura Bogado has more.

Farmland Loss Mounts in Colorado  (3:20)
Colorado is one of the top states in the nation for loss of farmland. This week the state will lose yet another 20 acres of farm as Naropa University, a Buddhist inspired institution in boulder, sells the land to developers.  FSRN’s Courtney Smith brings us to the farm and the community around it.


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