Mumia Abu Jamal: Closed Schools

Via Flickr user Dubnars' photostream.

A commentary by Mumia Abu Jamal


It is a national crisis. Worse – it is a crime. Schools all across Black America and in El Barrio are closed, shuttered.

What does this mean?

It means that the one source of social advancement, education, is being narrowed so that few can access it.

The political class has been ought off and made so inconsequential that it either supports this process or is silent. They are preparing the way for the corporatization of education; charter schools, corporate schools, schools for those who can theoretically afford them. For the poor: nothing.

We don’t even pretend for we need not do so anymore. This is the Age of Business. Those in power don’t have to worry about this… but we do.

The closure of schools is the expansion of prisons.

(Audio via Photo via Flickr user Dubnars’ photostream. Photo licensed under Creative Commons.)

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