A message from Rami Almeghari in Gaza

Free Speech Radio News needs your help. For more than 13 years, FSRN has brought you coverage of critical economic, environmental and social justice issues. After a forced silence last year, FSRN relaunched with a fresh website and a now-weekly radio program. During the time FSRN was unable to broadcast, I was unable to connect you to the people who live and work where I do, in the tiny coastal enclave of the Gaza Srip.

During the Israeli attacks on Gaza this summer, I was forced to flee my home with my family. During the war, I traveled to my office as often as I could to bring you accounts of what was happening in my home town. On one occasion, an Israeli drone fired on a motorcycle very near my car. I was shocked, and feeling close to death. It was a very difficult time.

But I continued to deliver the voices of the people in my community to you, through FSRN. Only with your ongoing support, will I be able to keep doing so.

FSRN doesn’t take money from corporate advertisers – only you can keep FSRN on the air.

It’s only together we can keep FSRN broadcasting the local voices of global stories. We’ve all come to rely on Free Speech Radio News as a vital source of daily news.

Please make your donation today. Oh, and when you do — check out the 2015 calendars. One of the pictures in the Views of the News was taken at a UN-run shelter during the summer war. You’ll get an idea of how people were living shoulder-to-shoulder in a building meant to educate Gaza’s youth.

Thank you and thanks for supporting independent radio like FSRN.

Rami Almeghari
FSRN correspondent
Meghazi refugee camp, Gaza