June 23, 2000

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Bush Refuses to Stop Execution of Possibly Innocent Man

Gary Graham, also known as Shaka Sankofa appears headed for the death chamber. Graham’s defenders point to the incompetence of his court appointed attorney, who failed to call any witnesses, and the fact that he was convicted on the testimony of a single eye-witness, They also note that when the crime was committed in 1981 when Graham was only 17 years old. Matt Martin reports.


New York Women Fight Back Against Central Park Attacks

On Sunday, June 11, more than fifty women were sexually assaulted by a roving band of young men in New York City’s Central Park. In the hours following the National Puerto Rican Day Parade the men chased and surrounded women, dousing them with water, grabbing them and tearing off their clothes. Though several people reported the assaults to nearby police officers they did not intervene. But as Free Speech Radio’s Miranda Kennedy reports, women’s groups in New York are fighting back.


Utah to Become America’s Nuclear Dumping Ground?

Utah may become America’s nuclear dumping ground. That’s because while every other state in the nation is fighting radioactive waste, Utah is welcoming it. Earlier this month, President Clinton vetoed a bill to make Nevada’s Yucca Mountain the nation’s nuclear dump site. And South Carolina, which had previously accepted nuclear waste, now will only take it from New Jersey and Connecticut. Meanwhile, Utah appears to poised to build a new dump and expand an old one. Allan Nauman reports from Salt Lake City.


Farmers May Cut Back on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

World-wide, agriculture accounts for over 25 percent of greenhouse gas emissions — emissions that widen the hole in the ozone layer and cause the planet’s temperatures to rise. Researchers at the South Dakota school of mines say they can cut down on those emissions while at the same time putting more money in farmers’ pockets. But as Joshua Welsh reports from Rapid City, both farmers and environmentalists are skeptical about the benefits of carbon sequestration.


The Toxic Effects of California’s $33 Billion Wine Industry

The Napa/Sonoma wine country is one of California’s leading tourist destinations. Visitors from all over the world come to soak in the historic atmosphere and sample some of the world’s best wines. But, area residents and vineyard workers are up-in-arms over the use of chemical pesticides in the grape fields, and have decided to take on the wine growers. Max Pringle has the story.


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