April 08, 2002

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Israeli Human Rights Groups Sue Over Human Rights (4:08)
As secretary of state Colin Powell arrived in Morocco at the start of a mission that will also take him to Egypt and Spain, the death toll in the Palestinian territories continues to rise. In the Jenin refugee camp, Israeli forces fired about 20 missiles overnight and continued the heavy bombardment throughout the morning. Fighting continued in Nablus, the largest Palestinian-ruled city in the West Bank, where cars crushed by tanks littered the streets and the stench of tear gas hung in the air.  Israeli soldiers also raided the Palestinian-ruled village of Ashawera, east of Bethlehem, but later withdrew from the village of Yatta near the city of Hebron, leaving a trail of destruction.   Earlier on today, Mr Sharon told the Israeli parliament that the military campaign in the West Bank would continue until “terrorist organizations” were crushed.  Host Deepa Fernandes speaks with Dan Yakir, who is the legal council for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. His organization has just sent a letter to the Defense Ministry demanding an immediate end to the military offensive.

Tension High on Israel/Lebanon Border (1:15)
Tension is rising at the Lebanese-Israeli border. Cross border fighting between the Hezbollah guerrillas and the Israeli army has been going on for the last week in the disputed area of the Shebbafahn. many fear the opening of a new front. The UN urged both the Lebanese and the Israelis authorities to prevent any escalation. Katia Jarjoura reports from Beirut.

Nobel Committee Has Stern Words for Peres (3:40)
Members of the Nobel Peace Prize committee who awarded the 1994 prize to Yasser Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin, and Shimon Peres, have announced that if they could revoke Peres’ prize they would. Patrick Beckett has the story.

French Jews Clash With Police (3:37)
Huge crowds turned out in several cities around the world Saturday to condemn Israel’s assault on the West Bank, in defiance of a personal call from President Bush. France has summoned the Israeli ambassador to protest against the attack against the church of the nativity in Bethlehem and the ongoing offensive despite international calls to pull out of Palestinian land. Thousands of French Jews marched through Paris Sunday to show their anger at the recent spate of attacks on Jewish targets in France as well as support for Israel in its confrontation with the Palestinians. The demonstration – replicated in a smaller way in other French cities — took place a day after tens of thousands, including a large Jewish contingent, took part in a pro-Palestinian march in the French capital. More from Sputnik Kilambi in Paris.

Shareholders Sue Enron Again (2:55)
Another new Enron lawsuit was filed today. A group of the company’s shareholders—including the University of California–allege that some of the biggest names in banking were part of a plan to hide the company’s debt before the collapse. As Joshua Chaffin reports from Washington, the size of the alleged conspiracy could suggest the Enron problem calls for a political solution:

Indonesia Wants Debt Relief, But Won’t Get It (4:05)
Ministers and civil servants from Indonesia visit Paris later this week. But it won’t be a holiday for them. They have to negotiate the fate of part of the country’s huge foreign debt with the Paris Club of creditors. Today, NGOs and government officials met at France’s National Assembly to discuss what to expect from the money-men. Tony Cross reports from Paris.

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