August 26, 2002

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CA Farm Workers March for Just Negotiations (3:36)
In 1966 Cesar Chavez and the newly founded United Farm Workers marched 150 miles from a small farming town in California to the state?s capitol demanding justice for farm workers. Now, 36 years later the United Farm Workers are marching again:  this time for justice in labor negotiations.  Since 1975 California farm workers have had the right to unionize, but the UFW claims that less than half of the farm worker groups which voted to unionize have not signed labor agreements with their agricultural companies.  The farm workers ended their march yesterday in Sacramento with a rally that brought in 4,000 people to urge the state’s governor to enact a bill to bring binding arbitration when an impasse in labor negotiations for farm workers arises. Mitch Jeserich reports from Sacramento.

Nazi March Meets Protesters in DC (3:55)
White power groups rallied the US capitol over the weekend, in what may have been their largest public gathering since the nineteen thirties. Hundreds of skinheads and white supremacy activists from the US and abroad were met by at least as many counter-protesters and police.  Joshua Chaffin reports from Capitol Hill.

Protests Over Murder of Zapatista In Chiapas  (3:53)
More than 3000 Zapatistas mobilized last week to protest the death of Zapatista Jose Lopez Santiz, who was brutally murdered by local ranchers on August 7th near the town of Altamirano. The Zapatistas were demanding the government detain the murderers and end the increasing paramilitary activity throughout Zapatista regions. And as Luz Ruiz reports from Chiapas, the protests are the biggest EZLN mobilization since the last year’s caravan to Mexico City to speak to Congress.

Armitage Visit Fosters India-Pakistan Tension (4:39)
On the back of US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage’s visit to both India and Pakistan this past weekend, India today accused Pakistan of trying to disrupt the election process in Kashmir. And while the Bush Administration say Armitage was in the area to try and quell tensions between the two nuclear neighbors, as Vinod Jose reports from Delhi, the US, along with the UK and Israel continue selling killing-kits to both India and Pakistan.

Justice for Utah Environmental Whistleblower  (4:11)
A recent court ruling in Utah blasted the US Army for its handling of hazardous wastes, chemical warfare agents and other toxic substances and awarded the whistleblower $1.5 million dollars. Gena Edvalson reports from Utah.

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