August 27, 2002

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Saudis Meet with Bush about Iraq   (4:13)
The Associated Press is reporting that there were more air strikes today by US and British warplanes in the no-fly zones over Iraq. The US-European Command says two strikes were carried out while an American aircraft struck an air defense command and control facility in southern Iraq, in response to what the US called “recent Iraqi hostile acts.” This as Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the US visited President Bush’s ranch in Crawford Texas today. The Saudis are simultaneously trying to satisfy a US government bent on attacking Iraq, and their Arab neighbors, who oppose the idea.  The Saudis say they won’t let the US use Saudi bases to fight a new war.  But students of US-Saudi relations say the White House can convince the Saudis to change their minds. Josh Chaffin reports.

Clerical Workers Strike at UC Berkeley  (4:50)
In what may be the biggest strike at UC Berkeley in decades, workers represented by several unions walked off their jobs yesterday, the first day of fall classes. The campus’ clerical workers union originally called the three day strike, but three other unions representing lecturers, graduate student instructors and nurses are honoring the picket lines. The last time UC Berkeley saw a strike involving multiple unions was three decades ago, in 1972.  From Berkeley, Vanessa Tait has more.

Disease in Africa- UN World Summit  (5:30)
The UN World Summit for Sustainable Development, which began yesterday in Johannesburg, is being attended by around 60,000 delegates including 100 heads of state. President Bush is the notable absentee. Yesterday activists charged that the Summit would be a sham if businesses walked away with better deals than those there to protect it. There is a big business lobby present in Johannesburg, possibly why the summit is being held in Sandton City, touted as being the richest square mile in Africa, catering exclusively to white, wealthy South Africans. A score of Greenpeace activists demonstrating in front of a nuclear plant have already been arrested and various reports say combat helicopters are on alert, with security and armed forces trained for any emergency, including air attacks. While the conference is happening, Rupert Cook file this report on disease in Africa.

Texas Executes More Juveniles  (5:00)
Tomorrow night, Texas is set to execute its third juvenile this summer. Toronto Patterson, a young African-American was 17 at the time he was arrested and convicted of killing his cousin and her two small children. Of the 22 states that allow executions of offenders who were under the age of 18 at the time of their crime, only 7 have actually executed a juvenile since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. Of the 20 juveniles sent to their state-sanctioned deaths, Texas had executed over half. From Houston, Texas, Renee Feltz brings us the reactions to his pending death by lethal injection.

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