September 25, 2002

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UK Union Strikes Paralyze Commuters  (2:55)
The first in a series of threatened strikes brought chaos to London today. A walkout by subway workers affected three million commuters and a looming fire fighters strike could affect even more. This wave of industrial action ends a relatively strike free era, and marks the rise of a new generation of militant unionists. London mayor, Ken Livingstone, came out to condemn the strikes. Charlotte Parsons reports from London.

DC Police Prepare for WB/IMF Protests  (3:11)
Thousands of protesters are already descending on the nation’s capital for this weekend’s meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Protesters say the World Bank and IMF are undemocratic institutions, and that their policies are fueling a worldwide epidemic of corporate greed. DC police now appear to be backing down from a threat to use federal racketeering laws on the protesters. Josh Chaffin reports from Washington.

World Leaders Condemn Israeli Siege  (3:22)
Today Israel continued to ignore international calls to end its siege of Yasir Arafat’s Compound, while the Palestinians stuck to their refusal to provide Israel with a list of the estimated 200 people inside. Meanwhile in Ramallah, residents continue to protest the 24-hour a day curfew, breaking curfew to converge in the city’s main square banging pots and pans.   This as Pope John Paul II joins world leaders in condemning the siege, calling for a “suspension of all actions which compromise the already faint hopes for peace in the region.”  Kristen Schurr has this report.

Abner Louima Case Closes  (3:00)
This past weekend, the Abner Louima police brutality case finally came to an end. Ex-cop Charles Schwartz agreed to plead guilty to one count of perjury. In exchange, federal prosecutors will drop both the civil rights charges and a second perjury charge. Under the agreement, Schwartz could serve as little as three years in prison. Outside the courtroom, Abner Louima lamented that Schwartz was getting off “without taking full responsibility for his role.” Dred Scott Keyes files this report from New York City.

NYC Activists Speak Against Indian Point  (3:01)
As a mock state of emergency drill was conducted yesterday at Indian Point 2, a nuclear power plant north of New York City, a group of activists demonstrated on the steps of New York’s City Hall to warn of what they see as the real dangers posed by the plant. Nadja Middleton reports.

Tree Sits Continue in Northern CA  (3:32)
For well over a decade the Pacific Lumber Company has been the focus of sharp criticism for its logging practices on the north coast of California. When the company was taken over by the Houston-based Maxxam Corporation, it increased the pace of logging in its old growth redwood forests. Massive demonstrations in the early nineties resulted in the federal and state purchase of the Head Waters forest. That did not however end the controversial logging practices on its remaining holdings, which some say have only gotten worse. And so the protests continue. The latest controversy has inspired 13 young women to occupy the upper branches of 13 old growth trees. Estelle Fennell has more.

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