September 26, 2002

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International Debate Over Iraq Continues  (4:08)
Three months into the congressional debate on Iraq,centrist Democrats now show signs they’d like to slow the President’s drive toward a wider war. But in Senate testimony today, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger urged support for a congressional resolution in support of US action. Another former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright said the White House and congress should deal with Saddam Hussein through the UN. Josh Chaffin reports from Capitol Hill.

UK Parliament Members Speak Out Against Iraq Attack (3:00)
Today 52 British Members of Parliament came out against a war on Iraq. This of the heels of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s dossier of reasons why the world should take out Saddam Hussein. One of the most vocal critics from within the British parliament against war on Iraq is MP George Galloway. Mr. Galloway recently met with Saddam Hussein and he spoke today with FSRN’s Randi Zimmerman who asked him if the Labour Party’s disagreement with Tony Blair is political rather than ideological.

Study Says All US Streams Contaminated- Wildlife Suffers  (4:00)
A private report released this week on the nation’s ecosystems says the United States may have no streams left that are free from chemical contamination, and about one-fifth of animal species and one-sixth of plant types are at risk of extinction. The findings are in an ambitious study commissioned five years ago by former President Clinton and released Tuesday by the H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment. FSRN’s Charles Michael Ray has this story.

US Coal Industry Exploits in Colombia  (5:00)
And Presidents’ Bush and Uribe discuss how to broaden US presence in the Colombia, major multinationals such as the Drummond Coal Company are also big lobbyists for “Plan Colombia.” Drummond spent nearly half a billion dollars building a giant strip mine in Colombia. Earlier this year, survivors of brutally assassinated union organizers at Drummond’s facility hauled the company into Federal Court in Alabama, home of the company’s headquarters. Jack Hickey reports on developments in the case from Birmingham.

Mumia Abu Jamal Commentary: A Hunger for War  (4:17)

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