October 11, 2002

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Reactions to Congress Decision on Iraq
The Bush Administration’s resolution for use of force in Iraq passed the Senate late yesterday. Both houses of Congress have now shown they’d support a unilateral American invasion of Iraq if the White House thinks it’s necessary.  Following the vote in the Senate, White House officials told the New York Times of a plan to install an American military government in Iraq if Saddam Hussein is toppled. Josh Chaffin  brings us reaction to the votes in Congress, and to the White House’s post-invasion plans.

Pro-Taliban Pakistan Parliament Near Afghan Border
Results in Pakistan are in from yesterdays Parliamentary elections, and after three years of military rule, no single party won a majority. For the first time however, the majority of Parliament seats are split between four parties instead of the traditional two. Perhaps though, the most significant outcome has been the election of a coalition of Islamist parties in two of Pakistan’s four provinces.  This pro-Taliban, Islamist coalition will govern the two provinces that border Afghanistan. Deepa Fernandes has more.

Demonstration in Venezuela Calls for Chavez’s Resignation
The oil-rich country of Venezuela yesterday was the site of a massive demonstration against President Hugo Chavez, organized by the country’s leading opposition party. The opposition leaders are aggressively trying to force new elections in Venezuela in the hopes of ousting democratically elected Chavez. But the aren’t over yet. Venezuelans are bracing for a weekend of tumult as pro-Chavez supporters prepare to hit the streets this Sunday in a counter demonstration. WBAI’s Ginger Otis has more.

FCC Approves Digital Radio – Poor Stations Lose
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) yesterday approved a standard for digital radio on the AM and FM bands. With the vote, some stations will likely begin broadcasting digital versions of their signal in the next few months. But the ‘in-band, on-channel’ digital radio system is controversial because it can cause interference, reducing the signal areas of stations nearby on the radio dial. Critics say it would have been better for the US to follow the rest of the world’s lead, and put local digital radio signals on a separate band. Leigh Robartes has more.

Anti Gay Attacks Rise in Hollywood, CA
They came to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepard, whose brutal gay-bashing murder in Wyoming galvanized public awareness around the issue of homophobic violence. But the 2-300 people who gathered in West Hollywood, California yesterday evening had a very current crisis on their minds. For most of September the city, whose population is estimated to be as much as a third gay, lesbian, bi and trans, was jolted by a series of attacks on gay men. Of the four victims actor Trev Broudy was the most seriously injured and may have permanent brain damage. Three suspects in the Broudy case were arrested last week, but the community’s celebration was abruptly terminated when Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley announced that his office would not be filing hate crime charges as recommended by the Sheriff’s Department. Lucia Chappelle filed this report from West Hollywood.

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