February 05, 2003

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Powell Addresses UN (5:30)
Secretary of State Colin Powell addressed the UN Security Council today where he laid out the extra evidence the US has long told the world they have against the government of Saddam Hussein. After Powell spoke each member country of the Security Council responded. Representatives of China, Russia and France, the three countries with veto power, all said the work of the weapons inspectors should continue with the French calling for the number of inspectors to be tripled. Later in the day a senior civilian advisor to the Pentagon, Richard Pearl told UPI that France is no longer a US ally because of their stance on Iraq. Deepa Fernandes with Kata Mester have this report.

Unusual Anti-war Protests (3:25)
As Secretary of State Colin Powell addressed the UN Security Council today, setting forth what the Bush administration calls a clear-cut case for war against Iraq, yesterday hundreds of protestors across the United States and the UK chose an unlikely place to deliver their anti war message. Ngoc Nguyen has more.

Bush Pushes to Reinstate Death Penalty in DC (3:45)
Two DC men faced possible execution Monday in federal court in DC for their role in 19 murders committed over an 11 year period. The men, Kevin Gray and Rodney Moore, were convicted earlier this year in trial that lasted over 140 days as the leaders of a drug gang that prosecutors have dubbed “Murder Inc.” But DC has not carried out an execution since 1957, and its voters have now twice rejected reinstating execution by three to one margins in separate referendums. Despite these facts, the Bush is pushing aggressively to restore the death penalty in the nation’s capitol. Tom Gomez from WBIX, refugees and exiles radio network filed this report.

Safe 3rd Country Begins (3:50)
The Safe 3rd Country Agreement was signed between Canada & the United States  during the G8 Summit in Kananaskis Alberta in June of 2002. The agreement gives the ability to both Canada & the US to automatically deport asylum seekers back to their point of entry, the safe third county. As the Safe Third Country Agreement comes into practice the effects are being illustrated by the case of the thousands of Pakistani’s who are currently fleeing the United States to Canada. For many of the Pakistani asylum seekers their Safe Third Country is returning to the United States where they face INS registration. This agreement now embedded in both Canadian & American law leaves asylum seekers in a much more vulnerable position and with little options when it comes to seeking asylum in North America. Stefan Christoff reports from Montreal.

No Copyrighted Material Allowed (4:15)
Flush with a federal court victory two weeks ago, Recording and Motion Picture industry associations are targeting individual internet users who share copyrighted material. The ruling said under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, internet service providers must turn over the names of subscribers suspected of copyright violations to the industry groups without a court review. Nearly 200 students at Indiana university have been threatened with loss of computer access and school disciplinary procedures if they don’t delete the files from their hard drives. Leigh Robartes has more.

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