February 06, 2003

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Powell’s Uses Plagiarized Material
An intelligence dossier released on Monday by the British government that was read by Colin Powell yesterday at the UN as part of his so-called new and secret evidence has been found to be plagiarized from an article that was published back in September last year in an academic journal. Ibrahim al-Marashi is a Research Associate at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) of the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Al-Marashi is the author of the work that Colin Powell read yesterday at the UN, he is speaking here with Deepa Fernandes.

Iraqi’s React to Powell Speech
The Iraqi government officially responded to yesterday’s charges by Secretary of State Colin Powell at the UN, we go now to correspondent Jeremy Scahill who is just returning from a press conference in Baghdad.

Arabs React to Powell Speech
Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud is asking for what he calls a last chance and a time extension for Arab governments to mediate a peaceful solution to the stand off between George Bush and Saddam Hussein. Prince Saud told reporters that the UN Security Council is not a body charged with making war but rather a body charged with bringing peaceful solutions to crisis. Prince Saud’s comments came as US Secretary of State Collin Powell was making the case for war at the UN Security Council. From Amman, Jordan Aaron Glantz has Arab reaction to the speech.

NY’s Protest Drive to War
The Australian Prime Minister John Howard received a vote of no confidence from the Senate for sending troops to fight in any war against Iraq “without a proper explanation to the Australian people.” Meanwhile, while the US drive to war continues to play out at the Security Council, as Ian Forrest reports, Powell failed to convince many NY’s who took to the streets outside the United Nations.

Post Powell: Europe Responds the Same
Colin Powell’s presentation to the UN doesn’t seem to have meant a decisive change of mind for European countries who are reluctant to go to war. But there may be a subtle shift in their stances. Tony Cross reports from Paris.

UK: Race Crimes Soar
Today the British government has reported soaring figures in racially related crime for the last year. This is partly blamed on the threat of war and the after effects of September 11, but the prognosis could be poor for racial relations in the UK. Anastasia Kershaw reports from London.

North Korea Threatens Attack
The BBC reported today that North Korea is warning that it will launch a pre-emptive attack on United States forces if Washington sends more troops to the Korean peninsula. This comes as US officials have said the Pentagon ordered B-52 and B-1 bombers to prepare for deployment in the western Pacific to back up US forces in South Korea. Karin Lee, Senior associate at the East Asia Policy Education Project at the Friends Committee on National Legislation, says North Korea fears it will be next after Iraq on the US list of terrorist countries to be attacked.

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