February 28, 2003

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Blix Report #3 (3:28)
The Iraqi government has agreed to destroy its  Al-Samoud surface-to-air missiles, meeting a key demand of United Nations weapons inspectors. The move comes as the Security Council prepares to discuss chief inspector Hans Blix’s latest report on Iraqi disarmament, and could influence attempts by the US and its allies to push through a new resolution authorizing war. At stake are the votes of six undecided developing nations vulnerable to US military, economic and political pressure. Susan Wood has more from the UN.

Living Wage in Santa Fe (4:26)
The city of Santa Fe, New Mexico has passed the nations most far-ranging minimum wage law, requiring many parts of the private sector to raise wages to 8.50 an hour. This makes Santa Fe the third U.S. city to attempt such a wage hike, following failed attempts in New Orleans, Louisiana and Santa Monica, California. But as Joe Gardner Wessely reports from New Mexico, Santa Fe may have a better chance of implementing its minimum wage than those cities who tried before.

Venezuela’s Oil Recovery (4:44)
Today the Chavez appointed leader of Venezuela’s oil company PDVSA addressed a crowd at NY’s Columbia University where he attempted to reassure people  that Venezuela was back on track after the crippling two month long shut down of Venezuela’s oil industry by striking oil executives. Venezuela is the world’s fifth largest oil producer and a major source of oil for the United States. And in our continuing special series looking at Oil around the world, Caracas reporters Johnny Moreno and Yajaira Hernandez explore the recovery process of Venezuela’s oil industry in the aftermath of the 2 month strike. Reading the English transcript is Josh Chaffin.

Mexicans Rise Up Against NAFTA (4:40)
Campesinos rise up in Mexico after Border Patrol Agents shot and killed a Mexican teenager this past Saturday, lawyers representing witnesses say the Border Patrol is trying to interfere with the investigation. Meanwhile, in other Mexico news, from the south to the north, Mexican farm groups are mobilizing throughout  the country to challenge the free trade policies of the government of Vicente Fox. As Kent Paterson reports from Mexico, this is the largest manifestation of rural discontent in years.

Reflecting on Black History (3:06)
From the painful passage of slavery to the civil rights movement to the present, African Americans have struggled to survive, and continue to strive to overcome the mental, physical and political attacks by reflecting on history.  Simba Russeau files this report.

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