March 10, 2003

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Turkey Opposed To War  (4:15)
Tomorrow the leader of Turkey’s ruling Islamic AK Party, Tayyip Erdogan will be sworn into Parliament having been elected as a deputy from the Southeastern City of Siirt. By Thursday he will likely be the Prime Minister. After he becomes Prime Minister Erdogan will likely submit a new resolution to the Parliament authorizing the United States to launch a Northern Front for its war on Iraq from Turkish sol. All of this only a week after the Turkish Parliament narrowly voted against the war while more than 100 thousand Turks staged a peace protest on the streets of the Turkish Capital. Saturday saw the first demonstration against the war in Ankara since the vote. Ezgi Sarta was there. She files this report.

Japan and North Korea  (4:05)
A day after Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security adviser, Condoleeza Rice, both rejected US-North Korea talks to resolve the escalating tension, North Korea today test-fired a medium-range anti-ship missile. The missile test occurred into the Sea of Japan, And as our correspondent in Tokyo reports, the anti-nuclear movement in Japan is warning the US to deal with the North Korea crisis without the threat of nuclear weapons.

Women Demonstrate in Front of White House  (4:00)
This weekend, women around the world organized anti-war demonstrations in celebration of International Women’s Day. In Washington, DC women lead tens of thousands of on a Code Pink march to the White House, where they formed a human chain around the compound, much to the frustration of the Bush administration. Before the march, Code Pink, along with DC activists, organized a teach-in for Just Peace and Real Security: Listen to the Women for a Change! The teach-in was designed to tap into the energetic anti-war organizing taking place across the country, to build a diverse and sustainable global movement for peace and justice. Ingrid Drake, and members of the DC radio co-op, have this report.

Women in Jordan  (3:27)
Women constitute more than 50 percent of Jordan’s 5 million people. However, their representation in political life has, until now, mirrored the deep social disbelief in a woman’s ability to serve as a political figure. As part of FSRN’s coverage for International Women’s Day, Oula al Farawati reports that the Jordanian authorities have recently taken steps to address this issue.

Pacifica National Board Meets  (3:10)
As the FCC holds public hearings on its media consolidation efforts, over the weekend the Pacifica Radio foundation met in Los Angeles to formalize a set of By-laws. Some say the Pacifica Radio Network is about to break new ground in media history again by becoming the first ever national media network that is governed by its listeners. Evan Davis reports Los Angeles.


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