April 10, 2003

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Another View from Baghdad (4:04)
Even as US military reports indicate control over Baghdad, violence is still widespread throughout the country.  According to reports from the red cross inside Iraq, there is rampant looting and lawlessness in Baghdad as the central hospital was ransacked this afternoon. This as Iraqi Shia Muslim leader Abdul Majid al-Khoei and another cleric were found murdered in the central Iraqi town of Najaf. The BBC is reporting that an unconfirmed number of US marines have been killed and others wounded in a suicide bomb attack on a military checkpoint in Baghdad. Having just spoken with Jazeera correspondents in Baghdad, Hassan Ibrahim a reporter from Al Jazeera joined us from Qatar.

Syria Next? (4:05)
The occupation of Baghdad by American troops has many wondering what next. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld today declared that Retired US General Jay Garner is to serve as the interim administer of Iraq once the shooting stops. Nadja Middleton reports.

Arabs React (2:56)
As the cold reality of Baghdad’s occupation by U.S. forces descended on the Arab world today, there was anger, shock and frustration, along with warnings of new battles ahead. Arabs watched with dismay the easy “fall” of Baghdad, as leaders around the Arab world  not yet forthcoming on how they would deal with the still vague post war rule of Iraq. Arab League Chief Amr Musa has announced that Arab Leaders would meet to unanimously decide on how the 22-member organization would deal with a possible foreign rule in Iraq. His announcement came after calls by Musa himself and other Arab leaders to abandon the roughly 55-year-old Arab League. Oula Farawati has more.

North Korea Next? (3:31)
The United Nations Security Council met yesterday in a closed session to discuss what to do about North Korea. And today North Korea’s withdrawal from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty takes effect. North Korea said today that the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq proved the need for it to maintain a strong military deterrent. Drawing parallels with the U.S. attack on Iraq, North Korea said that bowing to demands to abandon its suspected nuclear weapons development would lead to inspections and disarmament, setting the stage for a U.S. invasion. The International Atomic Energy Agency referred the topic to the Security Council in February. The US demanded the 15-member group release a statement condemning the revival of the communist state’s nuclear arms program. Miles Ashdown in Tokyo reports.

IMF Meetings this Weekend (2:58)
Undeterred by mainstream media images of “liberated” Iraqis, anti-war movement takes to the world’s streets again this weekend. A march on the White House coincides with the Spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund in DC, and a solidarity weekend for social movements of Latin America. Josh Chaffin reports.

Ohio Budget Cuts (3:10)
Thousands of Ohioans may lose their health benefits and even their jobs under the state’s proposed new budget according to union leaders, teachers and others who held a rally yesterday in Ohio’s capital. Evan Davis reports from Columbus.

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