August 11, 2003

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Remembering Nagasaki
Just days after the nuclear bomb “little boy” was dropped on Hiroshima, immediately killing 140,000 people, on August 9 1945, the US dropped a second bomb on the city of Nagasaki, and this Saturday marked the 58th anniversary of that nuclear attack. In the flash of an eye, 74-thousand people were killed and the fallout has killed many more. Reporting from Nagasaki, Miles Ashdown brings us the voices of some of the survivors.

Navy Dedicates War Ship on Nagasaki Anniversary
In Bath, Maine on Saturday, at the Bath Iron Works Shipyard, the US Navy dedicated the newest destroyer in its fleet.  But just outside the gates of the facility, protesters expressed their criticism of dedicating a nuclear-capable warship on the anniversary of the dropping of the second atomic bomb. Correspondent David Goodman has our story.

Zapatistas Launch Short-wave Radio Station
An Apparent stomachache prevented Zapatista Rebel spokesman Subcomandante Marcos’ appearance during the Zapatista National Liberation Army’s international gathering this weekend to inaugurate their self-titled “Just Government,”. Instead, a recorded message with his voice blared through the Chiapas highlands village of Oventik, explaining the transitions taking place inside rebel territory in the southeast of Mexico. Among the many festivities that thousands ventured to share, was the inauguration of the Zapatista Short Wave Radio Station. Tim Russo and Luz Ruiz bring us this report from rebel territory, in southeast Mexico.

Democrats from Texas Remain in Albuquerque
While members of the U.S Congress enjoy an August recess, state lawmakers in Texas are still embroiled in a drawn-out battle over redistricting Congressional lines. Since the beginning of August, 11 Texas State Senators have been holed up in Albuquerque New Mexico to avoid yet another vote on a controversial redistricting measure. And the Texas Supreme Court is set to decide today on whether or not the 11 Democratic senators boycotting the Special Legislative Session are “acting contrary to their duties under the Texas Constitution and the Texas senate rules”. The threat by Texas governor Rick Perry, when he filed the suit, would force the 11 Democrats to return to the state and impose sanctions if they don’t. At the Texas State Capitol on Saturday thousands from around the state showed their support for the Democrats who left the state in an effort to stop the Congressional redistricting 8 years ahead of schedule. Stefan Wray has more.

Macy’s Lawsuit Forum
Racial profiling is the latest charge being leveled by people of color against the giant retailer Macy’s. One particular Macy’s store in NY has recorded statistics which show that 80% of Macy’s customers are white while 92% of those detained in the store for suspected shoplifting are people of color. A class action lawsuit filed recently in a Federal Court in NYC could cost Macy’s as much as 500 million dollars in damages and yesterday at the legendary Riverside Church in Manhattan, Macy’s, through an African American attorney, met with an audience made up predominantly of minorities to discuss the issue. From NY, Ian Forrest Reports.


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