October 15, 2003

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Headlines by Nell Abram
Americans Killed In Gaza Blast — Mohammed Ghalayini
Three American security guards have been killed in an explosion that targeted the convoy they were traveling in on the main road to Gaza, just outside the Palestinian town of Beit Hanun. Mohammed Ghalayini reports from Gaza.

Hindu Activists Arrested — Binu Alex
Authorities in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have arrested more than 10,000 Hindu activists: Binu Alex is in Ahmdebad

Journalists Ordered To Reveal Sources — Josh Chaffin
A federal judge has ordered five journalists to give up their sources in the case of nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee. Lee is suing the government for damage done to his reputation when the Government tried to pin him with passing nuclear secrets to the Chinese. Josh Chaffin reports:

Vietnamese Rice To Iraq — Aaron Glantz
Vietnam has spent its first money to help George Bush rebuild Iraq. From Ho Chi Minh City, Aaron Glantz:

63 Dead in Bolivian Protests Over Gas – (3:44)
For the second day in a row, the capital city of Bolivia, La Paz and the adjoining city of El Alto remain paralyzed by protests demanding the resignation of president Sanchez de Lozada after his policy to export gas to countries including the US and Mexico caused the Bolivians to revolt, demanding the gas be left in Bolivia and used for internal consumption. Washington has backed Sánchez de Lozada, a wealthy businessman who grew up in the United States, who has supported free-market policies and was elected in 2002 with only 22 percent of the vote in a runoff against indigenous coca farmer Evo Morales. Since the decision to export gas was made public on September 19, the ensuing street protests have been violently suppressed, the latest count says some 63 have been killed. Yesterday Vice President Carlos Mesa distanced himself from the President Sanchez de Lozada expressing opposition to the use of deadly force to quell street protests. Kathy Lederbur is with the Andean Information Network based in Cochabamba, Bolivia and she tells Deepa Fernandes that the situation is escalating.

UN to Vote on US Iraq Resolution – (3:59)
The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to vote today on a new U.S. draft resolution that the U.S. hopes will help ease the military and financial burden of occupying Iraq. But negotiations have floundered over Washington’s refusal to set a date for relinquishing power to a provisional Iraqi government, and while the resolution seems certain to pass, it’s unlikely to provide the legitimacy the U.S. is seeking. Susan wood reports from the UN.

Powell Aid Says WMD Intelligence was Hyped Up – (3:24)
A former aid who analyzed data concerning weapons of mass destruction for Secretary of State Collin Powell says that Powell misinformed people when he addressed the United Nations last February. The former aid, Greg Thielman tells CBS’s 60 Minutes II, that airs tonight, the decision to go to war was made first and then the intelligence was interpreted to fit that conclusion. He says senior administration officials were using faith base intelligence. Mitch Jeserich has more from Washington DC.

LA Transit Strike Broadens – (3:54)
As supermarket workers in Southern California take to the streets, so do workers for the L.A. Metropolitan Transit Authority – the nation’s third largest public transportation system. MTA mechanics and maintenance workers walked off the job at midnight Tuesday. Bus drivers, train operators, and other workers are honoring the strike, leaving thousands of Los Angeles residents without bus service. Members of the Amalgamated Transit Union say talks with management over health benefits and other issues have remained at a stand-still for fifteen months. Teresa Wierzbianska files this report.

GM Wheat – Coming to a Store Near You! – (4:35)
The European Union’s Environment Commissioner yesterday accused US corporations of “trying to lie” about their genetically modified crops to try and get the EU to buy them. Meanwhile, according to the US Department of agriculture, eighty percent of the soy and thirty-eight percent of the corn planted in the U.S. this year was genetically modified. Now, the Monsanto corporation has set a target date of 2005 for the introduction of the world’s next major genetically modified crop: wheat. Unlike corn and soy, used mainly as animal feed, most wheat is destined for direct human consumption. Much of the wheat produced in the U.S. is sent overseas. With Europe and Japan resisting the trend towards genetically modified foods, G.M. wheat’s introduction may be delayed. Leigh Robartes has more.


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