March 19, 2004

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San Francisco Remembers One Year Since Iraq Invasion
Today, hundreds marched towards corporate giant Bechtel’s headquarters in San Francisco. Lauren Meltzer was there and explains why.

Worldwide Day of Action
Anti-war protestors around the world will be demonstrating in hundreds of cities and towns tomorrow. Stefan Wray reports from one of them near George W. Bush’s ranch in Texas.

Clashes in Islamabad
Pakistani troops met fierce resistance today from Muslims who, the government says, were protecting Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahri. Local observors say the situation is fast developing into a civil war.  Masror Haussan reports from Islamabad.

Briefing on the Patriot Act
The US Commission on Civil Rights hosted a briefing today to probe some of the civil rights allegations resulting from the Patriot Act, and other anti-terrorism measures.  Ingrid Drake has more from DC.

Gay Marriages Continue in OR
Thousands of same gendered couples are travellling to Oregon seeking marriage licenses now that San Francisco’s city hall is closed to them. From KBOO in Portland, Andy Seaton has more.

These last two headline had to get cut for time.

NC Joins Fight Against Power Plant Polluting
For years, northeastern states have pressed the government to crack down on polluting power plants that spread their emissions across the country. Now North Carolina has joined the fight. Stephen Lacey reports from D.C.

India Tests Ballistic Missile
Today India successfully tested a short-range, nuclear-capable ballistic Missile, what they named Prithvi, in the Eastern coastal state of Orissa. Vinod K. Jose reports from Delhi.


President Bush Defends Iraqi Occupation  (3:55)
Today marks the one-year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. In Washington President Bush defended the invasion by saying the Iraqi people are better off without Saddam Hussein and that every government has the duty to fight and destroy the so-called terrorist threats. Mitch Jeserich has more from Washington DC.

Iraq: One Year Later  (3:59)
Global protests against the US-led occupation of Iraq kicked of today in San Fransisco, where several hundred people marched through the city’s financial district during this morning’s rush hour. Over the past year the Bush administrations closest allies have struggled to maintain their credibility since agreeing to a war that their voters did not want. British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s popularity has plummeted and in Spain, the central-right Popular Party, was defeated by the Socialist party, whose leader, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has openly criticized the Bush administration’s policies. Meanwhile in Iraq, civilians and military personnel continue to die. Aaron Glantz files this report.

Propaganda Leading Up to El Salvador’s Elections  (3:44)
Twelve years have passed since a peace accord ended El Salvador’s bitter civil war and closed the curtain on one of the United States’ hottest cold war theaters. But today, just before Sunday’s presidential elections, Catherine Elton reports that this tiny Central American nation’s relationship with the United States has taken center stage in the campaign.

Ethnic Violence in Kosovo Continues  (3:44)
After calls from the international community, leaders of the major Kosovo Albanian Political Parties demanded a cessation of inter ethnic violence that has claimed more than 31 lives and injured hundreds of others throughout Kosovo this week. It is the worst inter ethnic violence since the United Nations and NATO forces assumed control of the region in 1999, when thirteen thousand Kosovar Albanians were killed during the Kosovo war. These events have led political analysts believe that the international community may have failed in it’s mission – to establish Kosovo statehood. Jackson Allers reports from Pristina, Kosovo.

Assassination Attempt Before Taiwanese Elections  (3:14)
The Taiwanese Presidential elections, which will be held tomorrow alongside a referendum that is very important to the future of the island, took a dramatic turn today. An alleged assassination attempt on President Chen Shuibian shoked the country, and even though Chen Shuibian and his vice-president Annette Lu are not seriously wounded, all the last meetings of the campaign have been canceled, and the local government has broadcasted several appeals to calm the population. This incident epitomizes a passionate and intense campaign whose results seem, now all the more unpredictable. Severine Bardon has more.

Voices Against the Invasion: An Audio Retrospective  (2:02)
As we remember the start of intensified aerial bombardment of Iraq on this Day last year, Pauline Bartolone brings us an audio retrospective of the voices against the war before and after the invasion.


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