October 18, 2004

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U.S Presidential Voting Troubles Begin
Early voting for the Presidential elections started today in Texas, Colorado, Arkansas and Florida. Other key states started in-person voting earlier, including Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. Balloting by mail is under way in Oregon, the only state in the nation that has done away with polling booths altogether.In the key state of Florida, today early voting kicked off with plenty of problems. Mitch Perry reports from WMNF in Tampa.

US Asks for More British Troops on Iraqi Front Line
Today the British Defense Secretary confirmed rumors of a Bush administration request to deploy British troops to the bloodiest front in Iraq — so far only patrolled by U.S. troops. Naomi Fowler reports from London.

Germany GM Workers 5th Day of Strike
Workers at a General Motors plant in Germany entered their 5th day of protest,today without their union support. Guy Deegan has more from Bonn.

Nuke Activists Criticize U.S. Programs
A coalition of anti-nuclear organizations concluded over the weekend that nuclear programs in the United States are unhealthy and ill advised.  From the Chicago Independent Media Center, Rita Sand reports.


Detentions in Iraq Violate International Law
The central headquarters for the handing over of weapons of the al Sadr militia to the Iraqi government was targeted by mortars and two members of the Iraqi national guard were killed. This as the US military continued bombing the city of Fallujah. In other news from Iraq, the coalition forces turned over 150 Iraqi detainees to the Iraqi government in a new procedure that the US says will release the detainees under the deal made with Al-Sadr’s office. FSRN correspondent in Baghdad Salam Talib spoke with Mathew Chandler, an American a member of the Christian Peace Maker Team, who says the detainees issue in Iraq is a continuing violation of international law.

FSRN Exclusive: Reservists Refuse a Mission in Iraq ~ Sister Speaks to FSRN
The U.S. Military has begun an investigation into 18 women and men reservists serving in Iraq refusing a mission to go on a supply convoy.  Disobeying an order during war time could result in disciplinary action including a possible court-martial.  But families of the reservists say that they were unequipped for a dangerous mission, lacking proper armor.  This comes as the Washington Posts reports that Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, formerly the top US commander in Iraq, complained last December that spare parts for vital gear was so low that it endangered military operations in Iraq. In an FSRN exclusive, Mitch Jeserich speaks with the sister of one of the reservists.

Court Stops Searches of Demonstrators at Georgia Protest
A federal appeals court’s ruling this weekend on police actions at protests in Columbus, Georgia has not only stopped searches of demonstrators there, but may affect the constitutional standing of the so-called PATRIOT Act. The ruling is the first of its kind affecting mass searches of protestors, reports Darby Hickey from Washington, DC.

Congress Party Wins State Election in India
Results are in from the election in the western Indian state of Maharashtra and the secular Congress Party, that recently took control of the country from the right-wing BJP, won comfortably. While on the one hand the vote can be seen as a continuing rejection of the fascist policies of the BJP, analysts feel the victory also marks the revival of the Congress Party which faced its first electoral test after it’s leader Sonia Gandhi lead the party to the national victory and then refused to lead the country allowing Manmohan Singh to assume the role of Prime Minister. Binu Alex reports from Ahmedabad.

Another Wal-Mart Superstore at Pyramids in Mexico
On the heels of the opening of its news superstore over the grave sites of 42 native Hawaiians in Honolulu, in Mexico, Wal-Mart has nearly completed the construction of a franchise located near one of Mexico’s most famous archeological sites. Yesterday, groups opposed to the Wal-Mart construction in Teotihuacan set up camp outside of the headquarters of the National Institute of Anthropology and History while around 200 people blockaded the highway between Mexico City and the archeological site. Vladimir Flores and Quetzal Belmont bring us the story.

Report from Million Worker March
Police obstructed buses of workers arriving for the Million Worker March Sunday in DC. Nonetheless, the crowd that assembled at the Lincoln Monument gave voice to issues affecting people across the US and around the world. Selina Musuta of the DC Radio Coop reports.

Election Special: Latinos in US Politics ~ Immigrants March for Rights
Hundreds of immigrants and their supporters marched through downtown Los Angeles Saturday demanding rights for immigrants, whose situation, they say, has deteriorated in recent years. As we continue our One Month Election Countdown Special coverage Gabriela Reardon looks at the participation of Latinos in US Politics as she reports from the rally.


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