November 17, 2004

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UK Report on Gulf War Syndrome
An independent inquiry in Britain has concluded that thousands of Gulf War veterans were in fact made ill by their service.  Anastasia Kershaw reports from London.

Banks Bombed in Buenos Aires
Three Banks in Buenos Aires were bombed today in a series of explosions. Mat Goldin reports.

Russia Develops New Type of Nuke
Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with military leadership today that Russia is testing a new type of nuclear missile and plans to deploy it in the next few years. The Itar-Tass news agency reports that the nuclear weapons are unlike any that other nuclear powers now possess. Putin added that Russia plans to continue strengthening its armed forces including its nuclear capability saying international terrorism is one of the major threats facing the country.

White House Allows Drilling Under National Parks
Documents obtained by the Sierra Club reveal the Bush Administration may have violated federal law when it changed on oil and gas drilling regulations underneath national parks to benefit a Texas oil company. From KPFT in Houston, Erika McDonald reports.

Italy Eavesdrops on Cellphones
An Italian newspaper reports that mobile phone calls and other electronic communications are being monitored across Italy. Diletta Varlese reports from Naples.

Report on Foster Care in the US
The results of a new study on the state of kids in foster care were released today in advance National Adoption Day this Saturday. Katie Murray has more from Washington.


Update From Iraq  (3:53)
Humanitarian aid worker Margaret Hassan has been killed by her captors in Iraq. Many are mourning the death of Hassan, who worked for CARE International in Iraq for 30 years. Meanwhile, fighting continues throughout the region and reporters are being censored from telling their stories. Dahr Jamail and Salam Talib.

House Rules Change to Allow Indicted Delay to Serve as Rep. Leader (4:22)
The Republican leadership in the House of Representatives changed House rules today to allow House Republican leader Tom Delay of Texas to continue serving as leader even if he is indicted by a Texas grand jury for campaign finance violations.  Mitch Jeserich brings us the story from Capitol Hill.

Boston Investigating War on Drugs (1:29)
Boston City Councillor Chuck Turner has called for a public hearing to investigate the War on Drugs. Julia Steinberg has the story.

Call for Reforms in the AFL-CIO (3:16)
The AFL-CIO met last week to form a committee to generate and examine ideas from some dissatisfied union leaders. As voices inside and outside the union agree that the AFL-CIO is in trouble, some of the member unions are looking at the possibility of ceding. From KPFA in Berkeley, Max Pringle has more.

African Leaders Rethink NEPAD (3:46)
The 37th summit of the Organization of African Unity, or OAU in July 2001 formally adopted the strategic framework document of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, or NEPAD. It arose from a mandate given to the 5 initiating heads of state Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa by the OAU to develop an integrated socioeconomic development framework for the continent. Recently, the project has been harshly criticized as it fails to reach its objectives such as eradicating poverty, placing African countries on a path of sustainable growth, or to accelerate the empowerment of women. NGO representatives and political leaders say NEPAD has failed to gain popular recognition in order to address the current challenges facing the African continent. In Senegal, Ndiaga Seck reports.

Possible Medicare Benefit Cuts (1:30)
A Medicare benefit for low income recipients is set to expire later this week unless Congress acts to authorize its renewal. Jenny Johnson has more.

Doctors for Sale: a Mumia Abu Jamal Commentary (2:06)

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