Documentary for November 25, 2011: Mexico’s Drug War in Context

The so-called Drug War has drastically altered life in Mexico. More than 40,000 people have been killed since President Felipe Calderon launched a military offensive in December 2006 against the country’s powerful organized crime groups. Drug war-related violence has become increasingly brutal – and public. Criminals have diversified their income through activities like extortion and kidnapping. The military has taken over civilian law enforcement in many parts of the country. At least a quarter million people have been displaced. The end result is a traumatic strain on Mexico’s social fabric.

In today’s special documentary, FSRN’s Shannon Young brings us “Mexico’s Drug War in Context”; an on-the-ground examination of the impacts of militarized prohibition.

Today’s documentary, “Mexico’s Drug War in Context” was produced by Shannon Young and edited by Catherine Komp. The technical production team at KPFA includes Rose Ketabchi, Jeannine Etter and Shaunnah ray. Music was provided by La Plataforma. Special thanks to the more than one hundred donors whose support via the crowd-funding website made this investigation possible.

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