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November 24, 2014

I’m Jacob Resneck, and  I’ve been reporting for FSRN for more than five years, the latter half from my base in Istanbul.There’s a lot happening in this part of the world … not just in Turkey but in surrounding countries. From the Balkans rebuilding after the disastrous breakup of Yugoslavia to the civil wars in Syria and Ukraine and the frozen conflicts in the Caucasus —  living in Istanbul has allowed me to take time to
not just report on conflict, but to delve into the root causes and context.I don’t only report for FSRN – freelancers have to be diverse in the outlets they sell to in order to survive – but it’s by far one of my favorites to work with.Why? First, it has considerable reach: broadcast on community radio stations across the U.S. and online means I often hear back from listeners directly who caught my reports.

Then there’s the editors. They consistently challenge reporters like me to deliver well-sourced, complete stories that get to the heart of issues rather than painting broad strokes that over-generalize issues and situations.  And they give me the time and space to do it.  

FSRN is one of the leanest media outlets in the industry. None of us get rich doing this and the challenges are formidable.

About a year ago FSRN went dark after our largest client – Pacifica – became barely solvent and not able to pay its bills. The silence  was a huge blow to reporters, editors and most importantly the audience.

We’ve since relaunched in a more limited format, yet still deliver a top-quality national and international news program.

Funding sources are scant to support the type of work we do. Here’s where you can make a difference. If you’re a longtime listener or new to our brand of reporting and want to see more of it, please make a donation. No matter how small, whatever you can afford helps. It’s not just the dollar amount. Your donation demonstrates to foundations and other deep pocket donors how widespread our support base is.I for one want to be able to keep signing off with:  For FSRN, I’m Jacob Resneck in Istanbul.

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