July 7, 2000

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Right Wing PAN Wins Mexican Election, Pledges to Fight Corruption

Mexico’s president-elect Vicente Fox has announced his plans for sweeping reforms at the federal level. In Baja California where his party has governed for the past ten years, the PAN has meant business as usual for low wage workers, and especially the state’s burgeoning farmworker population. But, workers are beginning to build political power in Northern Mexico as Robin Urevich reports.


Activists Try to Take Over Air Force Base to Stop Missile Defense Test

Peace activists are preparing to stop a missile launch today at Vanderberg Air Force Base in rural California. They plan to use civil disobedience to disrupt the important test of the National Missile Defense system. Ed Rippy reports.


Jose Bove Stands Trial

French prosecutors called for a token jail sentence for Jose Bove, the farm union leader who attacked a McDonald’s restaurant in protest at US tariffs on some European foods The move came as around 50,000 demonstrators sought to turn BovĂ©’s trial in the southern French town of Millau into a giant anti-globalization protest. Rory Mulholland reports from Paris.


Governments Fight Globalization Protesters With Border Patrol

Jose Bove is just one of the more colorful figures in the growing movement critical of globalization. Anchor Matt Martin spoke to Amit Srivastiva about the way world governments are responding. Srivastiva is Climate Justice Coordinator for the Transnational Resource and Action Center. When he tried to attend an anti-demonstration in Calgary, he was stopped, searched, and jailed by customs officials.


Perpetrators of Rwandan Genocide Face Prison Brutality

It is six years after the genocide in Rwanda in which more than 1 million mainly Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed by army and militia loyal to the extremist Hutu genocidal government. Besides the continuing trauma for the survivors and the massive damage inflicted on the country’s infrastructure, there are other wretched legacies of the genocide. Rupert Cook reports from Kigali.


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