December 19, 2001

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Yemen Dragged into Fighting for Bush (:59)
Hundreds of Yemeni forces pursued their hunt for fighters from Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network in an operation analysts said was part of Yemen’s effort to pre-empt a US strike on the country. US Ambassador to Yemen Edmund Hill told a newspaper in the Arabian state the operation was launched in response to “American pressures and demands.” Gareth Schweitzer has more from Washington.

Interview with Marwan Barghouti in Hiding (4:19)
Israel continues its campaign of program of targeted assassinations of Palestinian political leaders. Last week, Israeli soldiers raided the home of Marwan Barghouti, Secretary General of Yassir Arafat’s Fatah faction. Barghouti was not home at the time. Since then, he’s been in hiding. From that undisclosed location, Barghouti spoke with FSRN correspondent Rafael Krafft.

WTC Immigrant Victims Get Nothing (3:18)
Three months have passed since the World Trade Center tragedy exposed the dramatic situation faced by thousands of immigrants working in New York City. Many lost their lives in the attacks, others lost relatives and friends and thousands lost their jobs. We will never know precisely the number of victims…. The labor of undocumented workers is hidden from plain view in a clandestine underworld due in large part to current immigration policies. Fearful workers hide in the shadows giving unscrupulous employers a license to abuse and as Ken Nash reports…the Sept. 11th attacks has only served to exacerbate the problem for immigrants.

Wal-Mart Pays Out $6 Million (1:46)
A federal judge approved a $6.8 million settlement of a discrimination lawsuit involving Wal-Mart stores and the EEOC. The Agency had accused Wal-Mart of using a pre-employment questionnaire that violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. The questions sought too much information about the type of disability an applicant had. Wal-Mart will pay $3.8 million for workers who were turned down and $3 million to a fund for those workers yet to be identified. Max Pringle reports.

Bush Okays Huge Logging Project (2:45)
Earth Justice Legal Defense went to court this week to file suit over the Forest Service’s intention to bypass the administrative appeals process on salvage timber sales in Southwestern Montana. Leigh Robartes has more.

Race in the USA (4:11)
The American Anthropological Association has launched a major public education campaign to help the public ge a more informed opinion about race. Dr. Yolanda Moses, executive director of the association says race is not what most people think it is. the race of an individual is something far more than skin color as we in the united states have come to believe. Dr. Yolanda Moses.

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