June 25, 2002

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Palestinians React to Bush Speech  (4:47)
Israeli soldiers stormed the Palestinian headquarters in the city of Hebron early this morning, occupying the seventh of eight main West Bank centers. Four Palestinian policemen were killed. The attack came as Israeli and Palestinian leaders expressed widely divergent views on a Mideast policy speech delivered yesterday by President Bush. Kata Mester reports from Ramallah.

FBI: Scuba Divers Possible Terrorist Threat (4:45)
As the FBI investigates the possibility of Al Qaeda operatives mounting an attack on Los Angeles through Catalina Island, it is also cracking down on millions of US citizens who are certified for recreational scuba diving. Based on information gleaned through what the FBI calls “interviews” with detainees at Guantanamo Bay and other intelligence sources, the FBI released a public advisory on May 23rd that terrorists were seeking to use scuba gear for underwater sabotage. Patrick Burke has this report.

Security High for G-8 Summit (4:23)
The G-8 summit gets underway tomorrow in a remote Canadian resort town. Security will be extraordinarily tight for the discussions, with memories of last year’s violent crackdown in Genoa, Italy, in which one protester was killed by police and hundreds were injured. Over the weekend, 5,000 people marched through downtown Calgary to protest the Group of Eight’s economic and political powers. The G8 nations control NATO and the International Monetary Fund. The centerpiece of their proposed public policy is a development and aid package for Africa. Security enforcement in the downtown area and the remote mountain resort of Kananskis which will host the heads of state and their ministers is now in full swing. Thatcher Collins reports from Calgary.

Warlords Still Seem to Rule Afghanistan (2:21)
With some Loya Jirga delegates still discussing details of the next government, appointed ministers are taking their seats to begin their task of running the country for the next two years. But as Fariba Nawa reports, not much seems to have changed from the previous transitional government rule, and to the dismay of many Afghans, the warlords are still ruling.

Bostonians Protest Patriot Act (3:45)
The American Civil Liberties Union has been working overtime defending basic rights that certain immigrants and even U.S. citizens of Arab decent seem to be losing. The U.S.A. Patriot Act has led to hundreds of these people being arrested and held without charge or the right to see an attorney or even family members. But in Massachusetts, people are organizing in defense of their rights. From Boston, Chuck Rosina reports.

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