April 17, 2003

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Iraq Round Up (3:10)
Leaders of the European Union have issued a statement calling for a “central role” for the UN in rebuilding Iraq and demanding that American troops quickly restore security. The US has not been willing to allow UN weapons inspectors back into Iraq. The US says some Iraqi cities are returning to normal, despite complaints from Iraqi citizens about a lack of water and sewer service. President Bush is urging the United Nations to lift sanctions that stifled Iraq’s economy for nearly 13 years. Josh Chaffin has more.

Jordan Economy – Blueprint for Iraq? (4:02)
Human Rights Watch (HRW) is reporting that dozens of civilians have been killed in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk since April 10, and looting and forced expulsions were continuing. HRW said U.S. and UK forces have failed to bring law and order to Kirkuk and they have failed to ensure the security of civilians, therefore contravening the Geneva Convention provisions specifying the obligations of an occupying power. Meanwhile, the role of the UN in the reconstruction of Iraq was discussed today in a meeting between Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, during the EU meeting in Athens. While Annan is reported to have emphasized the importance of the UN in the process, Blair agreed that they must cooperate. However, the Bush Administration is moving right along, installing Americans in key positions. The neighboring economy the Bush Administration likes the most is Jordan, and as Aaron Glantz reports from Amman, it could provide a template for a future Iraqi economy designed by the American Army.

French Maneuvering for Piece of Pie (3:47)
The Washington Post is reporting that while the so-called doves in the Bush Administration are trying to rebuild relations with France, Bush Administration officials still hold “special enmity” for French President Jacques Chirac. The hawks, the paper reports, are out for revenge. This as President Chirac called President Bush on Tuesday to try to put an end on the crisis that has caused a rift between the two countries. France, who was leading the anti-war camp is changing its attitude now that the war is over and defines its new position as “pragmatic” still calling for a strong UN role in the rebuilding of Iraq. A point both administration still disagree on. The US administration seems to be looking for a way to sanction France for it’s anti-war attitude. Raphael Krafft reports form Cairo.

Racist News Reporting (4:11)
A recent comment by a Christian Broadcasting Network reporter comparing Iraqi soldiers to “the Injuns of the Old West” has angered Native Americans across the country. Free Speech Radio journalist Jim Kent reports.

Racist Attacks at Yale (3:42)
Yale University is one of many college campuses to be rocked by racist and intimidating reactions to anti-war activity in recent weeks. The Ivy League school promotes an image of high-minded debate and genteel discussion to reach enlightened conclusions and a recent campus poll showed that slightly more than half the students are opposed to the war in Iraq. Yet as Melinda Tuhus reports from New Haven, Connecticut, a rash of incidents of harassment and intimidation have been occurring against minority students, and a growing coalition of anti-war students and students of color are coming together to demand change.


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