April 15, 2004

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Italians Mourn Death in Iraq
Italians are mourning the man taken hostage and killed in Iraq. They are equally angry that their government has put more Italian citizens in harms way. Diletta Varlesse reports from Brescia.

ANC Remains in Power
In South Africa’s 3rd democratic elections, the ruling ANC party will remain in power even though their political hold appears to be diminishing.  Na’eem Jeenah reports from Johannesburg.

EU and UN Criticize Bush Deal with Sharon
The European Union and the United Nations Secretary General are criticizing the Middle East deal George W. Bush brokered with Ariel Sharon.  The situation will likely cloud British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s visit with Kofi Annan.  Susan Wood reports from the U.N.

CT Activists Rally for Prisoner Reduction
Criminal justice activists from all over Connecticut rallied at the capital in Hartford to push for a bill that would reduce the prison population. Melinda Tuhus has the story.


Iraq – Kidnapped Internationals Speak Out: FSRN Exclusive
In Baghdad today the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Richard Myers, announced more U.S. troops would soon be on duty in Iraq, a move that has many military families outraged. At the mid-point of April, more American and Iraqi lives have been lost this month than at any time since ‘major combat operations’ in Iraq were declared over one year ago. And as we reported in the headlines, an Italian was killed in Iraq today as was an Iranian diplomat, while three Japanese hostages were freed. Russia has begun the evacuation of its citizens from Iraq amid rising fears for the safety of foreigners. 6 International Aid workers were also held for 24 hours in Fallujah yesterday, but as Aaron Glantz reports from Baghdad, when they were released today the activists had harsh words for the American occupation.

More Troops to Iraq: Democrats Vs. Activists
In Washington D.C. today two long time Democratic Congressional members slammed President Bush’s efforts in Iraq.  They say Bush has not leveled with the American people on the progress of the occupation and they say more troops must be sent to Iraq, something some anti war groups reject. Mitch Jeserich brings us the story.

The Case of Laro Nicol: Tempe, Arizona
Until about one year ago, Marine Corps Veteran Laro Nicol was a husband, father of three and an air-traffic controller, who lived in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe, Arizona. He was also a committed activist, involved in Cop Watch Phoenix- a place where, according to the Arizona Republic, a person is 2.5 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than in larger cities like New York or LA. Last year, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raided the Nicol home, after a paid confidential informant told Federal Authorities that Nicol was a known drug addict who possessed a cache of illegal explosives. Free Speech Radio News correspondent Aura Bogado has more.

IRS Goes Easy on Corporations
While people across the country rush to make the midnight IRS tax deadline, a new report shows the IRS has been increasingly negligent in carrying out its own responsibilities, especially when it comes to enforcing corporate tax law. FSRN’s Catherine Komp reports.

FEC Holds Hearing on Campaign Activity
The Federal Election Commission finished hearings today on proposed rule changes that would bring under regulation independent advocacy organizations whose major purpose is campaign activity. The contentious debate raised issues of freedom of speech and the use of soft money to influence elections. Jenny Johnson has more.

Indonesia’s Governing Party Loses Election
In a somewhat shock result, Indonesia’s Golkar party has claimed victory over President Megawati Sukarnoputri’s Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) in general elections. The Golkar party was founded by former Indonesian dictator Mr. Suharto. However because of the geography of Indonesia, millions of votes are still to be tallied. Yet it is certain that the President Sukarnoputri’s party has lost the popular vote in Indonesia’s capitol, Jakarta. The PDIP is the main US political partner in Indonesia and their loss to the radical Islamic party, Prosperous Justice, followed by the military-led Democrat Party could be a major blow to the US. Eric Klein reads for Meggy Margiyono in Jakarta Indonesia.


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