June 17, 2004

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Non-Profit Hospitals Accused of Overcharging Uninsured
More than a dozen not for profit hospitals are being accused of overcharging uninsured patients in violation of their obligations as a charity.  From KFAI in Minneapolis, Carey Biron reports.

Iran Exonerated by IAEA
The International Atomic Energy Agency is admitting that they wrongfully accused Iran of withholding information.  Haider Rizvi has the story from the United Nations.

Maryland to Execute Convicted Killer
The state of Maryland is set to execute a person for the first time in 5 years. Tom Gomez has more.

CA Rep Defends Energy Consumers
A California senator wants George W. Bush to get rid of any member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – the FERC – who refuses to side with consumers. Kellia Ramares reports from Oakland.


9/11 Commission Concludes Hearings – Communication Failures Abounded (4:33)
The 9/11 Commission wrapped up their hearings today on Capitol Hill. Testimony indicated that some Senior US officials — including Vice President Dick Cheney  — first learned of the attacks from television reports.  Witnesses described communication failures between the Northeast Air Defense Sector of the North American Aerospace Defense Command – or NORAD and the Federal Aviation Authority that hampered the US military’s ability to prevent hijacked planes from hitting targets. Karen Mitchell attended the hearings.

Human Rights Groups Demand Disclosure of Detainment Sites (4:04)
The New York Times reports Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ordered an Iraqi detainee be hidden from Red Cross Inspectors last November. Today human rights groups called on the Bush administration to disclose the location of detainment sites worldwide and grant the Red Cross full access. And, as Mitch Jeserich reports, Muslim groups protested outside the State Department demanding the release of U.S citizen Ahmed Abu Ali who has been detained in Saudi Arabia without charge.

UK Assylum Seekers Treated Harshly (3:55)
Amid allegations of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by British troops, a report published yesterday by the British Chief Inspector of Prisons shows that asylum seekers detained in the UK’s special privately run detention centers do not fare much better. Naomi Fowler brings us this report from London.

Somali’s Demonstrate in Support of Nuradin Abdi (3:48)
Hundreds of Somali rallied in front of the Federal Courthouse in Columbus, Ohio yesterday in support of Nuradin Abdi. The Somali man was indicted on Monday on four Federal charges and accused of plotting to blow up a Columbus area shopping mall. Mr. Abdi’s supporters say the charges are unfounded and politically motivated.  Evan Davis files this report.

Saddam Hussein – Landmines and Legal Issues (3:45)
President Bush has refused to set a timetable to hand over ex-President Saddam Hussein to the interim Iraqi government. Bush told reporters  “appropriate security” must be in place first, quickly adding the US and Iraqi government’s don’t want what he called “lax security.” He also wants assurances that Saddam Hussein will stand trial. The Bush Administration has been under pressure to press formal charges against the former dictator.  The International Committee of the Red Cross announced Tuesday that the Geneva Convention mandates the United States either charge or free all prisoners of war — including Saddam — before the official hand-over of sovereignty to Iraq at the end of this month. As Aaron Glantz reports, such a trial could reveal the support Saddam received from Europe, America, and the former Soviet Union.


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