February 09, 2005

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Buenos Aires Subway Strike
Subway workers in Buenos Aires went on strike today shutting down all five of the city’s transit lines. Mat Goldin reports.

Medicare Rx Costs Triple Earlier Projection
The White House now says that the prescription drug provision to Medicare they sold to Congress will actually cost taxpayers three times as much as originally projected. Candice Fulgano reports from DC.

UN Peacekeepers to Sudan?
The United Nations Security Council is working on a resolution that would allow the UN to send about ten thousand peacekeeping troops to Sudan. Haider Rizvi is in New York.

Bill Introduced to Bring Home Troops
27 members of the House of Representatives today introduced a bill to bring the troops home from Iraq that they hope will invigorate discussion about exit strategies and spending priorities. Jenny Johnson has more.

Hip Hop Wear Illegal?
Wearing low pants in Virginia could be considered a crime if some Virginia legislatures have their way. Selina Musuta is with the DC Radio Co-op.


Repeal of Chinese Trade Relations? (3:13)
The New York Times has reported that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld may pay an official visit to China in an attempt towards revitalizing normal military relations.  Such relations were strained after a Chinese jet collided with a US spy plane in 2001. With an increased Chinese military buildup aimed at Taiwan, the article said the Pentagon and the Chinese military are considering to set up an emergency telephone link between the two countries to prevent “misunderstandings.”  Meanwhile, while China says its economy grew the faster in 2004 than in the previous 8 years, a minority of lawmakers on Capitol Hill are calling for a repeal of normal trade relations with China, saying the number one export to that country has been jobs. Mitch Jeserich reports.

FSRN Interviews Iraqi Finance Minister, Adel Abdul Medhi (3:21)
Two US soldiers were killed in separate attacks in Iraq today and gunfire and explosions erupted in central Baghdad. Amidst the violence, a new interim government is beginning to take shape, though it will still be some time before full results of the election are known. David Enders interviews Adel Abdul Medhi, the current minister of finance, a member of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq and a likely candidate to be the next prime minister.

US Mothers Travel to Meet Iraqi Mothers (2:52)
US Mothers who have lost their sons in Iraq and 9-11 recently traveled to the border of Jordan and Iraq with Code Pink and Global Exchange on a mission to deliver $600,000 worth of medical supplies to Iraqi children. Nadia McCaffrey, who lost her son in Iraq had one more mission- to meet Iraqi mothers who have also lost their children to war. Miae Kim reports.

Nepal Detains Political Dissidents (3:03)
Nepal’s home ministry says it has detained 25 people, and are keeping 18 more under house arrest. This after King Gyanendra dismissed his government last week, citing that it had failed to block the Maoist insurgency. The list of those detained and arrested includes student activists and political leaders, and it is suspected that as many as 100 people may have been rounded up. Tanks continue to roam the streets of Nepal’s cities and political dissidents are being warned to stay home or face arrest. Joining us to talk about the recent developments in Nepal is Brad Adams, Asia Director of Human Rights Watch.

Churchill Speaks About Academic Freedom (2:02)
University Professor Ward Churchill entered a packed to capacity auditorium at the University of Colorado last night, accompanied by members of the American Indian Movement. More than 1200 people filled the hall, while an additional 250 attended a rally outside. Churchill was due to speak on his essay on 9/11 which has drawn fire from many in the media as well as legislators such as Colorado Gov. Bill Owens, who have called on the Board of Regents to dismiss Churchill. This has been seen as a political attack on academic freedom. FSRN’S Maeve Conran has more, presents these excerpts from Churchill’s remarks at last night’s event.

Low Power FM Broadcasters Gather in DC (4:24)
Arizona Republican Senator John McCain announced the introduction of the “Local Community Radio Act of 2005” yesterday, as Low Power FM broadcasters gathered at the Federal Communications Commission for a forum to address their ongoing battles to preserve and extend their local signals. In Washington DC, Dolores M Bernal has more.


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